Modern Languages and Literatures

We define culture broadly to include both the academic and the everyday. Guided by creative and enthusiastic faculty committed to language immersion, students explore topics ranging from literature and film to politics to cuisine. Today, students may study francophone or Latino/a literature; tomorrow, they may learn French or Spanish “business-speak”. Cultural immersion and potential internship experience complement the student’s program of study.

Because of our close ties to Chicago’s cultural institutions, students pursue internships with organizations like the Alliance Française and the Chicago Latino Film Festival. Academic excursions to immigrant neighborhoods like Chinatown and Pilsen, allow students to meet and learn from native speakers.

We offer coursework in Arabic, Chinese, French, German, Japanese, and Spanish as well as occasional courses in Italian and Portuguese. Most language majors and minors enhance their linguistic and cultural knowledge by taking advantage of the College’s numerous options to study and complete internships abroad.

Department News

  • Whatever you do, don’t accuse Victoria Cisneros ’20 of using Google Translate. She’s spent weeks translating challenging material from Spanish to English with the help of Assistant Professor of Spanish Denise Kripper, and it is not as simple as copying and pasting.
  • For Saint Jordi 2017, the bookstore 57th Street Books organized three days of events celebrating the unique and book-loving Catalan holiday. On April 19, Assistant Professor of Spanish Denise Kripper moderated a panel on translation with Basque and Hindi translators Amaia Gabantxo and Jason Grunebaum. 

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