Internships in Chicago

Students at Lake Forest College utilize Chicago’s vast collection of companies offering internships in virtually any field of interest or study.

Only a short train ride away, Chicago offers students a wide variety of opportunities, ranging from the arts to business, and students eagerly take advantage of these opportunities, whether internships or otherwise.  

In addition, students frequently visit the city as part of class field trips, research projects, or to take in the many offerings Chicago has, including a theater productions, the diverse cultural and ethnic neighborhoods, and so much more. 

The Career Advancement Center hosts several events throughout the year for both students and alumni in Chicago. For more information about these events, please contact us by calling 847-735-5235.

In The Loop

The Lake Forest College In The Loop program provides students with an opportunity to live, work, and learn in the city.

Students reside at The Flats in Chicago’s South Loop and take both a full semester of courses through Lake Forest College and partnering institutions, as well as complete internships for credit as part of their academic program.

As a result, students learn about various distinctive aspects of Chicago, including the city’s history, economy, politics, architecture, art and relationship to the natural environment. 

Click here to learn more about the In The Loop program.