Community College Counselors

PTK Transfer Honor Roll 2023We appreciate the time and energy you put forth in helping students find the right 4-year instituion when they are ready to transfer. Below is information we hope you can use to assist your students in making their college choices.

Application Deadlines

Spring: January 1

Fall: August 1

Know a student who wants to try out our classes before fall term? We also offer four terms of flexible summer classes.

Student “fit”

Lake Forest College employs a holistic process to determine an applicant’s admission and future success as a Forester. We try to objectively assess the following points:

  • Academic program
  • Grade Point Average
  • High school GPA and strength of curriculum will be taken into account if the student has less than 30 semester hours of credit
  • Professor letter of recommendation or a high school teacher or counselor recommendation if the student currently has less than 30 semester hours
  • Community engagement and/or work experience
  • Potential to benefit and contribution. Determined by required interview for all transfer students.

We also have identified additional values that indicate a strong fit:

  • Big city connections: Students who want the connections to a big city for all that it has to offer: internship opportunities, future job opportunities, and connections with our vast alumni network. A residential campus located just 30 miles north with easy access to the resources and vibrancy of Chicago.
  • Active participants: Students who want to pursue internships, a mentor relationship, research and volunteer opportunities, or a chance to chat with a professor after class. We seek students who are active and enthusiastic participants in their education. 
  • Adventure seekers: We want to see students who are independent, have an entrepreneurial spirit, and are willing to make choices that lead them in new directions. 

Test-optional information

Transfer students may choose not to submit test scores as part of our test-optional admissions policy. International students are required to submit SAT, ACT, TOEFL, or IELTS scores unless they are able to prove English proficiency. Transfer international students who are studying at an English language based institution and have completed a minimum of one semester of college credit are not required to submit test scores. Transfer students are required to interview whether or not they submit test scores.


Lake Forest College is known for making the college experience an affordable one for our students and their families. Click here to get an idea of the scholarships students may be eligible for.

Advising Your Students and Transfer Credits

  • We have transfer guides for most of our majors here.
  • Our FFC (General Education Curriculum) can be found here.
  • Information for our feeder community colleges, including Guaranteed Admission Agreements, Pathway Programs in the Humanities, Business, Economics, and Finance and the Sciences, and special scholarships can be found by going to our Community Colleges page and clicking on your school.
  • Transfer students can meet with a faculty advisor—even before they submit an application—and get an evaluation of their credits as pertaining to their anticipated major(s) and advice on what to take at the community college in future semesters.
  • Transfer Students can meet with the registrar’s office as part of a personal visit. To meet with the registrar’s office, please email Noah Blan here.

Transfer Toolkit

Visiting Campus

College of Lake County

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Harper College

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McHenry County College

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Oakton Community College

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