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Minor in Digital Media Design

No major is currently available.

Requirements for the Minor:

At least 6 credits, including 5 required courses:

The introductory courses (Computer Science 107, Art 130, Art 142) are typically offered every semester and can be taken in any order.  The introductory courses must be completed as pre-requisites prior to the capstone sequence. The capstone sequence is offered every academic year, with Art 253 in the fall semester followed by Computer Science 270 in the spring semester. 

  • Computer Science 107: Introduction to Web Programming
  • Art 130: Elements of Design
  • Art 142: Digital Design Foundations
  • Art 253: Graphic and Digital Design
  • Computer Science 270: Web Development
  • 1 elective, chosen from the following list:
    • Art 155: Stop Motion Animation
    • Art 239: Applied 3D Design and Fabrication
    • Art 243: Video, Sound, and Electronic Art
    • Art 245: Digital Art (formerly Art 244)
    • Art 339: Adv. Applied 3D Design and Fabrication
    • Art 343: Adv. Video, Sound, and Electronic Art
    • Art 345: Advanced Digital Art
    • Art 353: Advanced Graphic Design
    • Computer Science 112: Computer Science I
    • Computer Science 312: Client-Server Web Applications
    • Communication 212: Visual Rhetoric
    • Communication 274: Visual Chicago
    • Communication 281: Theories of Mass Communication
    • Communication 285: Modern Media History
    • Communication 383: New Media and Society
    • English 362: Creative Writing: New Media/Electronic Writing
    • An Art, Computer Science or Communication Web-related Internship