Graduate Outcomes

Neuroscience faculty in graduation robes

At the time of our most recent survey, all of the respondents indicated that they were currently employed or in graduate school.  The majority of our graduates (60%) went on to complete an advanced degree.

Graduate School Outcomes

Doctoral-Level Degrees

Recent Doctoral Programs

Stanford University (Neuroscience, Evolutionary Medicine)

Yale University (Cell Biology and Developmenatal Genetics)

University of Oxford U.K. (Evolutionary Biology)

University of Chicago (Neurobiology)

University of Pennsylvania (Neuroscience)

Washington University in St. Louis (Neuroscience, Cell and Molecular Biology)

University of Wisconsin Madison (Neuroscience, Epidemiology, Population Health)

Northwestern University (Neuroscience, Molecular Biosciences, Integrated Life Sciences)

University of Rochester (Neuroscience, Biological Sciences)

Illinois Institute of Technology (Clinical Psychology)

Oregon Health & Science University (Neuroscience)

Vanderbilt University (Cell Biology, Neuroscience) 

Penn State University (MD/PhD, Educational Neuroscience)

Medical College of Wisconsin (Neuroscience)

University of Pittsburgh (Neuroscience, Integrated Life sciences, Behavioral Economics)

Illinois Institute of Technology (Clinical Psychology)

University of Minnesota (Counseling Psychology, Pharmacology)

Tufts University (Microbiology)

University of Alabama (Neuroscience)

University of Illinois at Chicago (Nursing)

Wayne State University (Neuroscience)

Recent Doctoral Health Professions Programs

Northwestern University (MD, Physical Therapy)

University of Michigan (MD)

Rush Medical College (MD, DNP)

Loyola University (MD)

St Louis University (MD)

Tulane University (MD)

University of Kansas (MD)

University of Illinois Chicago (MD)

University of Vermont (MD)

Rosalind Franklin University of Medicine and Science (MD, PharmD, Podiatry, Physical Therapy)

University of Illinois Urbana Champaign (DVM-PhD)

University of Wisconsin (DVM)

University of Missouri-Columbia (MD)

Southern Illinois University (MD)

Midwestern University (DO, Physical Therapy, DMD, PharmD, PsycD)

Law Degrees

Georgetown University ((JD)

Penn State University (JD)

Chicago Kent School of Law (JD)

University of Wisconsin Madison (JD)

Loyola University (JD)

University of New Hampshire (JD)

Master-Level Degrees
Recent Masters Programs

University of Cambridge, U.K. (Clinical Neuroscience)

Yale University (MS - PA)

Johns Hopkins University (MBA/MS)

Northwestern University (Biotechnology, Neuroscience, MPPA, MS - Clinical Mental Health)

Brandeis University (MS - Genetic Counseling)

Emory University (MS - Global Health and Developement)

Rush University (MSN)

Southern Illinois University (MPH)

DePaul University (MS)

Midwestern University (MS)

Xavier University (Masters in Education)

Rosalind Frankline University of Medicine and Science (MS - PA, MS - Clinical Counseling, MSN)

Xavier University (Masters in Education)

Georgia Tech (MS - AI)

University of Illinois at Chicago (MSW)

Midwestern University (MS - PA, MS - Occupational Theraphy, MS - Speech Pathology)

University of Illinois at Chicago (MSN)

St. Louis University (MSN) University of Kansas (MS - Data Science)

Career Outcomes

Sample of Career Destinations







Public Policy and Health

College/K-12 Education

Allied Health Professions

Marketing & Sales 

Clinical Psychology

Sample of Employment Destinations

ICON Clinical Research

Valent Biosciences

CSL Behring Co.

Eli Lily Co.

Abbott labs

University of Illinois Peoria

Children’s Memorial Hospital

Lake Forest Hospital

Rush University

Northwestern Feinberg School of Medicine

University of Chicago

Trinity College School (Canada)

Green Bay Animal Hospital

Illinois Institute of Technology

Rosalind Franklin University of Medicine and Sciences