Policy for flags at Commencement

Lake Forest College proudly recognizes our international graduates by displaying the flags of their home countries at Commencement. The College strives for inclusivity when determining which flags to fly. For the purpose of this policy, the College includes the flags of international students, undocumented students, and U.S. citizens and permanent residents who maintain foreign citizenship. 

The College will include the current flags of countries that are recognized by the United Nations; entities recognized by the International Olympics Committee; and the passports held by enrolled students. Citizenship must be confirmed by presenting a current passport to the Office of Intercultural Relations by the stated deadline. (Undocumented Students may contact OIR or those listed below for inclusion of their flag.) 

For questions related to this policy, contact Fran Pease, Assistant Dean of Faculty and Director of Commencement, or Tony Tyler, Associate Dean of Students.  

This policy will be reviewed every two years.