Service Learning and Community Engagement

Lake Forest College has long emphasized experiential learning, from its foreign study offerings to its use of the resources in Chicago as an extended classroom. Service learning extends the activity beyond gaining from an off-campus experience to providing a benefit to those one interacts with.  The goal is for all parties to gain from the contact.

Resources for Faculty:

  • Thinking about Service Learning
  • Various models from other ACM schools
  • Support available
  • Useful materials

Opportunities for Students:

What is Service Learning:

Service Learning is a community based program, which focuses on enhancing the students exsprience by opening the classroom to community spaces, fostering an engaged and integrated educational experience. 

Service learning projects may be possible in a variety of contexts, for example:

FIYS students have prepared presentations about the brain for elementary school studies.

Social Justice students and North Chicago high school students have discussed King’s “Letter from Birmingham Jail.” 

For more Information visit Benefits of Service Learning