Make It at Lake Forest College

Bring us your talents and passions, your curiosity and your drive, and we'll give you the tools you need to build your dream career.

At Lake Forest College, we are dedicated to elevating students from dreamers to doers. Here, students take classes to nurture and discover their passions. Our community embraces career preparation at its finest, with access to top internships in and around the great city of Chicago. In every field of study, we will help students make opportunities to excel.

Get the best of both worlds: an idyllic lakeshore campus near the opportunity and culture of the third-largest city in the US. Lake Forest College is committed to helping students achieve their dream careers through pragmatic experience and guided preparation. With hands-on research, nationally ranked internship access, and dynamic classroom settings that foster supportive relationships between students and professors, this is the liberal arts at its finest. 

#24 BEST
Quality of Life The Princeton Review
#13 BEST
Value College U.S. News & World Report
#19 BEST
Career Services The Princeton Review
#18 Best
Schools for Internships The Princeton Review

Fine Arts at Lake Forest College

At Lake Forest College, the fine arts are an instrumental part of the cultural richness of campus. We encourage all students to integrate their passions into their studies and explore means of artistic expression. Practicing the fine arts enhances a Forester's connection to the wider world and helps us find our place in it.

#1 Liberal Arts College in the Midwest - Wall Street Journal

Best in the Midwest

According to the WSJ article: “Schools’ overall scores in the WSJ/College Pulse ranking are based on three factors: Student outcomes—including measures of graduation rates, graduates’ salaries and how those salaries offset the cost of attaining an undergraduate degree at each school—account for 70 percent of the overall score.

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view of chicago from the air

Maximizing your college experience: the power of big city proximity

Big school in a big city? Rural college town? With so many educational settings available, how do you pick the right college location for you? Lake Forest College students get to make the most of being near the third-largest US city no matter their area of study.

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Sustainability Across Campus

Lake Forest College integrates environmentally sustainable practices on campus and assists others in their quest to effect positive change in the world.

Maximize your options with a double major

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At Lake Forest College, students can choose up to two majors and a minor or one major and two minors. This diversified approach to education allows students to embrace all their interests and craft a personal education experience that not only tailors them to a specific path, but helps them create one. Want to study music, but also data science? Theater and neuroscience? Marketing and psychology? African American studies and creative writing? When it comes to major combinations, we think beyond limits and into possibilities. Our double majors graduate with a higher understanding of themselves, the world, and their place in it.

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Making sense of financial aid and the value of a college education

There is no getting around the fact that college comes with a price tag. However, it’s important to understand that higher education is first and foremost an investment in your future—you receive the value of the education you invest in.

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Make a career after college

We help students think beyond classes and homework and into their future careers. Our degree programs focus on securing jobs or graduate program placements after graduation. Whether students come to us with big ideas about their next steps or passion they need to find a place for, our Career Advancement team is ready to help them achieve great things after college. 

The Class of 2023 has a job placement rate of 96%

Through our nationally recognized Career Pathways program, the Gorter Family Career Advancement Center empowers students by providing essential skills, experiences, and networks that will help them pursue meaningful careers. Chicago is home to over 400 major corporate headquarters (including 36 in the Fortune 500), countless museums, theaters, consulates, and more where students can make connections for professional success.

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