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Steps to Apply

There are multiple steps to applying for a GEO program and below is a guide to help you through the process!

The first 3 steps are interchangeable but should be completed before Step 4.

Reach out to GEO staff at any point with questions.

Step 1: Connect with GEO Staff

With 200+ programs, it may be easy to be overwhelmed by all the options. Meeting with a GEO staff member can help you begin exploring programs and they can assist you in figuring out what programs may be a great fit for you and your goals. 

You can schedule an appointment with Allie Olson (GEO Coordinator) use Calendly or send an email to [].

Step 2: Meet with your advisor(s)

Your advisor(s) can help you figure out when may be the best time to study abroad and if there are any particular course(s) you will need to take abroad/off-campus.

If you do not connect with your advisor(s) before you submit your GEO Application, you will be asked to discuss your plans to study off-campus with them before GEO can fully process your GEO application.

Step 3: Discuss off-campus plans the Office of Financial Aid

Financial aid can apply to LFC-approved off-campus programs.

While not a required step, knowing how your specific financial aid can apply to certain programs can be extremely helpful in exploring programs that may be the best fit for you.We recommend emailing and/or meeting with financial aid to discuss your anticipated out-of-pocket costs  when applying to a GEO program.

Step 4: Complete the GEO Application

GEO Applications and deadlines are located on GEO's Study Abroad and Domestic Study Away page.

Deadlines vary per term and GEO applications will not be fully processed until after the deadline. 
(Example: Fall GEO Applications will not be fully processed until after the December 1st deadline for fall applications.)

Step 5: Complete the GEO Program Confirmation Form

GEO Decision emails are sent after all GEO applications are fully processed. This email will detail which programs listed on your GEO application you are approved to apply to. 

Once you decide which specific program to apply for, you complete the GEO Program Confirmation Form. The form will be supplied in your GEO Decision email.

Step 6: Apply to your specific program

After you complete your GEO Program Confirmation Form, you can begin your program's specific application. Please be aware that our partners have different application deadlines and requirements.

Step 7: Complete the LFC Course Approval Form

After you are officially accepted into a program, you complete the LFC Course Approval Form.

On the form, you will list courses you plan to take while on the program. This form informs the Registrar's Office if the courses will count towards your major(s), minor(s), and/or Forester Fundamental Curriculum requirements. 

Step 8: Pre-Departure Orientation

There will be a mandatory Pre-Departure Orientation for all LFC students participating on a GEO program. If you are unable to make the scheduled orientation, you are required to schedule a make-up orientation with GEO. 

Step 9: Participate in your program!

Have a fantastic experience on your program and know that GEO is still here to support you while you are abroad/off-campus!