Think with Purpose

Think for yourself. That’s what the College’s mission statement encourages students to do. Our campus culture promotes learning that transforms the whole person: mind, body, and spirit. 


Lake Forest College students will, as a part of their co-curricular experiences, learn to apply critical reasoning and logic to a variety of situations related to their development outside of the classroom. Students will learn to think for themselves in careful and creative ways, taking responsibility for their thought processes and the outcome of decisions related to their thinking, as well as to think about the implications and outcomes of their actions within the immediate, societal, and global community.

Learning Outcomes
  • Analyze personal, interpersonal, and community dynamics in order to understand relational and systemic situations
  • Interpret information and circumstances involved in interpersonal interactions and draw objective conclusions regarding interpersonal dynamics
  • Demonstrate thoughtful, sensitive, and respectful reactions to personal, interpersonal, and community dynamics
  • Reflect upon reactions to personal, interpersonal, and community dynamics  to assess the effectiveness of personal reactions
  • Apply personal knowledge and experience to personal, academic, and career choices, and evaluate the effectiveness of those choices

Students learn to Think with Purpose by:

  • Attending the annual Oppenheimer lecture
  • Producing a radio show on WMXM 89.9FM
  • Submitting a piece for the College-wide writing contest
  • Giving a presentation at the student symposium
  • Yes, there’s more. There’s always more.

Did you know?

Each year students attend lectures and workshops on a host of topics, such as sports, the brain, economics, dance, art, religion, and entrepreneurialism.