Student Learning Outcomes

The expected Student Learning Outcomes for students completing a major in Business are:

  1. Business majors will demonstrate competency in at least three of the following areas:
    1. The fundamentals of Managerial Economics, including consumer demand, profit maximization, cost analysis, and competitive and non-competitive market structures.
    2. The fundamentals of Marketing, including analyzing marketing opportunities internally and externally, understanding the importance of the marketing plan, utilizing market segmentation and targeting, and applying the marketing mix of product, place, promotion and price to create customer value.
    3. The fundamentals of Accounting, including credits, debits, balance sheets, and other financial accounting topics.
    4. The fundamentals of Management, including understanding core management theories and concepts relating to the four primary functions of management (i.e., planning, organizing, leading, and controlling) on individual, team, and organizational success.  
    5. The fundamentals of Finance, including time value of money, bonds and stocks, capital structure, and derivatives.
  2. Business majors will be able to form and articulate well-reasoned economic arguments in writing.
  3. Business majors will be able to orally articulate and persuasively present well-reasoned economic arguments.