Student Learning Outcomes

LFC students making a presentation

The program’s mission is to provide students with an outstanding education in psychology by helping them:

  1. develop a strong knowledge base in psychology
  2. strengthen their scientific inquiry and critical thinking skills
  3. learn to behave ethically and responsibly in a diverse world
  4. improve their communication skills
  5. use their psychological knowledge and skills to excel in college and prepare for life after graduation.

The expected Student Learning Outcomes for the Psychology Department are:

  1. The psychology major will be able to demonstrate familiarity with concepts, theoretical perspectives, empirical findings, and historical trends across the major sub-disciplines of psychology.
  2. The psychology major will demonstrate competence in the basic empirical methods used in the discipline including research design, analysis, and interpretation of research.
  3. The psychology major will demonstrate familiarity with the biological underpinnings of behavior.
  4. The psychology major will demonstrate familiarity with the social underpinnings of behavior.