The Greenhouse was completed in 2018 with a generous donation from an anonymous donor. It is located on the east end of Lillard Science Center.

The Greenhouse is a beautiful, carefully maintained educational tool for students across a variety of fields and disciplines. With plants ranging from tropical orchids to desert cacti to ecologically threatened species, the Greenhouse has created a hands-on environment for learning about the natural world. Students can explore a great diversity of flora right here on campus. Faculty members in the biology department also use the Greenhouse to conduct research.

The Greenhouse is used in many classes, including Biol 384 Plant Biology, Biol 386 Experimental Plant Ecology, Biol 220 Ecology and Evolution, Biol 133 Tropical Forest Ecology, Biol 109 Botany for Gardeners, and ES 220 Ecology, Evolution, and Environment, for experiments and observations.

The Greenhouse has also become the perfect environment for starting plants in the spring for our student garden as well as cultivating native plant species for the ecological restoration projects on campus.

Student work in the greenhouse

Students maintain the health of the plants, the conditions of the greenhouse, and production of new plants for both the greenhouse inventory as well as on-campus plant sales. Positions are held throughout the year by students who have a passion for caring for and learning more about plants.

Greenhouse Contact

Anna Evans (she/her/hers)
Environmental Studies Department Assistant
Lake Forest College
Lillard 125

Lynn Westley, PhD (she/her/hers)
Asstistant Professor and Greenhouse Director
Biology and Environmental Studies Depts.
Lake Forest College