Recruiting Policies and Procedures

Please read our Policies and Procedures before recruiting at Lake Forest College.

Lake Forest College provides career services to all students and alumni on an equal opportunity basis. We do not knowingly provide any career center services to persons, firms, agencies, or organizations that discriminate in their selection of candidates or employment on the basis of race, color, religion, national origin, sex, age, handicap or disability, sexual orientation, marital, parental, or veteran status, or other prejudices.

In order to recruit at Lake Forest College, all employers must comply with all Federal and State Equal Employment Opportunity (EEO) Laws, Illinois Department of Labor laws, NACE’s Principles for Professional Practice, and Lake Forest College Policies.

The Lake Forest College Gorter Family Career Advancement Center (CAC) acts only as an intermediary between employers promoting job opportunities and candidates searching for job opportunities. The CAC is not involved in the actual transaction between employers and candidates.  

Employers posting/recruiting at Lake Forest College must follow these guidelines:

All employers are expected to follow NACE Principles for Professional Practice.



Offer policy

When offered a position, applicants shall be given a reasonable time period to respond to such offers. High pressure techniques like exploding salary bonuses and/or unreasonably short deadlines to persuade students/alumni to accept job offers shall not be used. Please contact us if you have questions about an offer or offer timeline.

Third party recruiters

  • Recruiters must disclose the company they are recruiting for to CAC staff.
  • Each job listing must be for a specific individual position.
  • The applicant’s information can only be disclosed to the parties directly related to consideration of the applicant’s candidacy and only for the specific position for which they applied.  
  • Applicants cannot be charged any fee for participating in the agencies services.
  • Recruiters attending College events will represent employers who have authorized them and will disclose the names of the represented employers to CAC staff, students and other applicants/event attendees.

The following positions are prohibited at Lake Forest:

  • Commission-only positions
  • All positions that require a fee payment or investment prior to employment (i.e. entrepreneurial positions)
  • Any listing that is meant to serve as an ad for an employment agency’s services (as opposed to a listing for a specific position)
  • Positions that require or encourage students to recruit others to sell products and/or services, or apply for other positions within the company in return for compensation based on number of others recruited 

Please note: All job and internship listings are posted at the discretion of the Lake Forest College Gorter Family Career Advancement Center, and we reserve the right to choose to not post a position if it does not appear to support the best interests of our students and alumni.

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