2024 Richter Scholars

Option I Richter Projects

Black History of Lake Forest College: 1970-2000

Payton Cm Ross and Sofy Hassan Abdelmawgoud
Faculty mentor: Courtney Joseph

Brain waves distraction and attention

Liam Michael Thumser and Rin Olivia Kato
Faculty mentor: Naomi Wentworth

Development of impulse control in preschoolers

Alexandra Ryan Soto
Faculty mentor: Naomi Wentworth

The Cold War and Truman's Decision to End Discrimination in the U.S. Military

Tobi Isabella Claire Ellis, Daniela Maria Angel Vivas, and Lera Mamatkazina
Faculty mentor: James Marquardt

Spring Flora

Yeldy Luchmun, Ella Louise Chicone, Elinor Carlton Coleman, and Sardar Atayev
Faculty mentor: Glenn Adelson

Violence against women in elections and political ambition

Dana K Saeed and Monserrat Maria Alfaro
Faculty mentor: Diana Davila-Gordillo

Understanding Allyship: Bias Disclosures in Interracial Friendships

Mia Jessica Hernandez and Jenna Rose Thomas
Faculty mentor: Emily Dix

Instructor Presence in Instructional Video: Student Recall Perception and Anxiety

Kiera Talento McKee and Stephanie Maria Arreola
Faculty mentor: Nora McLean

Reading History with Decolonial Lens: Rethinking the History of Education in Africa

Aika Samwel Minja and Tendo Matthew Ndawula
Faculty mentor: Desmond Odugu

French Literature & Cinema

Sanorah Scarlette Joseph
Faculty mentor: Tessa Sermet

Decoding the Feminine: ‘Artificial’ Intelligence, Robots, & Gender”

Valerie Hope Guerrero
Faculty mentor: Tessa Sermet

Environmental Social and Governance (ESG) Investing

Bernardo Salvini Aguiar and Beatriz Dinis Neves
Faculty mentor: Nancy Tao

Plant-soil interactions in temperate and tropical oak forests

Calista Diamantina Leja
Faculty mentor: Maria Pizano

Option II Richter Projects

Synthesis of Anti-Microbial Natural Products

Silas Jacob Tooth and Sona Akiyama
Faculty mentor: Paul Gladen

Explaining the Kraemer Effect

Ethan Riley Oller and Annika Sankner
Faculty mentor: Paul Henne

Emotion Regulation and Social Relationships

Izabella Rose Harju
Faculty mentor: Benjamin Swerdlow

Studying the function of a possible tuberculosis drug target

Karem Alejandra Hernandez Guerrero and Fiona Kai Oberhofer
Faculty mentor: William Conrad

Molecular Genetics of Telomeres and Telomerase

Shuntaro Nakamura and Shadi A.M. Alazzeh
Faculty mentor: Karen Kirk

Removing environmentally persistent pharmaceuticals from waste water

Connor James Robert Mckelvey
Faculty mentor: Erica Schultz

Digital Innovation in Linguistic Practices Education and Development in Multilingual Africa

Adam Huzeifa Kaderbhai and Anora Okemena Ogboka
Faculty mentor: Desmond Odugu

Evolution and sexual selection in beetles

Teo Sega Sumic
Faculty mentor: Flavia Barbosa

Role of membrane protein folding in the nervous system

Martin Ettlin Cuitino
Faculty mentor: Rebecca Delventhal

Molecular Mechanisms of injury-induced neurodegeneration

Samuel E Smith
Faculty mentor: Karen Kirk

Investigating the role of biodiversity risk in firms' performance

One Bantle Kenosi and Judith Johnson
Faculty mentor: Linh Pham

Examining the Role of the Family of Synucleins in Neurodegenerative Diseases using Yeast Models

Mieng Chandavimol and Kate Emma Feist
Faculty mentor: Shubhik DebBurman

Violence Against Women in Elections and Politica Ambition: Latin America and India

Diya Mokha
Faculty mentor: Diana Davila-Gordillo