Inter-Text: An Undergraduate Journal for the Social Sciences and Humanities

The journal’s annual publication process begins in the Fall of each year. Student editors develop the skills of evaluating submissions, setting agendas, anonymous peer-review, InDesign editing, and outreach. If this sounds intriguing, please click here to indicate your interest.

Submissions for Inter-Text are due in the Spring semester of each academic year. Typically, selected papers are between 2,000 and 6,000 words (not a strict requirement, but a guideline) written for the humanities or social sciences disciplines. All selected authors will be invited to speak on their work at our end of year release party and will receive copies of the journal for themselves and their family and friends.

Volume 5: Spring 2024 Inter-Text Submission Form

Over the course of each academic year, our editors become a tight-knit crew.

Sharing your work with freinds and colleagues at the launch party is extremely rewarding — especially for newly minted authors. 

Inter-Text’s newly published authors take time to participate in a panel discussion about their articles and answer questions from the crowd.

Guests mingle before Panel 1: Cultural Boundaries

Panel 1: Cultural Boundaries (Host Michelle Mattson, Discussant Kieran Artley, Kotryna Andriuskeviciute, Nick Katsikas, Tiyandza Mngomezulu, Davis Rowe)

Panel 1 Tiyandza Mngomezulu discusses work

Panel 2: Politics and Society Host Nicole Nagel (not pictured), Discussant Sam Bickersteth, Kate Kiameh, Belle Tseitlin, Serenah Quiroga, and Kyle Hush 

Panel 2: Sam Bickersteth asks question of authors

Panel 3: Gender and Sexuality Sawyer Kuzma discusses work

Panel 3: Gender and Sexuality (Host Aaron Brand not pictured, Discussant Nitzarandini Jimenez, Evie Deitrich, Sawyer Kuzma, Clare Pardus)

Panel 3: Gender and Sexuality Claire Pardus discusses work