Faculty in the Department of Sociology & Anthropology have assembled a list of useful and interesting information for students studying both sociology and anthropology.  Have something to add to this list? Let your professor know.

Blogs and Sites Devoted to Sociology and Anthropology:

Sociology Toolbox - A blog by our own Professor Todd Beer, “this web site is a way for him to share the ongoing collection of tools he discovers. We hope you find something useful here and adapt it to your particular students. His teaching is indebted to the ideas of many others and this is an effort to give back to the larger community of educators. We also recommend that you check out ASA’s TRAILS database for access to peer-reviewed activities, syllabi, and assessments, as well as the section on Teaching and Learning.” 

Savage Minds — “Savage Minds is a collective web log devoted to both bringing anthropology to a wider audience as well as providing an online forum for discussing the latest developments in the field.”

Anthropology Blogs — A site that lists anthropology blogs as well as news in the field. 

Everyday Sociology — “A brand-new site that features interesting, informative, and most of all entertaining commentary from sociologists around the United States. Go to this site regularly to get a sociological take on what is happening in the news (and on what should be in the news).”

Thinking Difference — “A blog about difference, diversity, multiculturalism… mainly challenging categories such as race, ethnicity, gender.” 

Sociology Lens — This site hosts daily posts, video files and news items from the contributors to Sociology Compass, Wiley-Blackwell’s review journal on all fields sociology.

Somatosphere — “A collaborative weblog covering the intersections of medical anthropology, science and technology studies, cultural psychiatry and bioethics.”

Afarensis: Anthropology, Evolution and Science

Hanging Around On the Wrong Side of the World (still)

Ethnography — Ethnography through film 

Archaeology — A publication of the Archaeological Institute of America, this blog reports on recent news stories in the Archaeological world. 

Middle Savagery — A PhD student chronicles her travels and studies (from Texas to Turkey) in this blog. 

Linguistic Anthropology — A general academic blog about linguistic anthropology

media/anthropology — Media/Internet studies blog

Museum Blogging — Museum Studies

Fieldwork on a Ghanaian Road — A blog about a student’s fieldwork concerning the social interaction and life that happens on and around a major highway in Ghana.

Neuroanthropology — “For a greater understanding of the encultured brain and body…”

Space and Culture — A blog dedicated to the study of social space

This Blog Sits At — A blog that combines anthropology and economics to discover how money, advertising and excahnge systems affect society.

Mongabay — More of a news blog but really interesting stuff on South & Central America

Visual Anthropology of Japan

Prairie Sociology — Social theory and Public policy

American Anthropologist Association Human Rights Blog

Public Criminology — Blog on Sociological Criminology

Sociological Images — “Sociological Images encourages people to exercise and develop their sociological imaginations with discussions of compelling visuals that span the breadth of sociological inquiry.”

The Color Line — “Applying sociological concepts, trends, and data to more fully understand the real-world issues related to race, ethnicity, and immigration in 21st century American society.”

Economic Sociology — A blog that centers around the sociological foundations of money and markets.