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Student Learning Outcomes

Learning Outcomes

The expected Student Learning Outcomes for the Entrepreneurship and Innovation Program are:

  1. Entrepreneurship and Innovation minors will be able to  sell themselves and their ideas. Students master oral and visual presentation skills and establish a foundation of confidence in the skills necessary to cause others to act.
  2. Entrepreneurship and Innovation minors will be able to  find problems worth solving. Students advance their skills in customer development, customer validation, competitive analysis, and iteration while utilizing design thinking and process tools to evaluate in real-world problems and projects.
  3. Entrepreneurship and Innovation minors will be able to  mobilize people and resources. Students identify and secure customers, stakeholders, and team members through networks, primary customer research, and competitive and industry analyses in order to prioritize and pursue an initial target market in real-world projects.
  4. Entrepreneurship and Innovation minors will be able to  create value. Students are able to create presentations and business plans that articulate and apply financial, operational, organizational, market, and sales knowledge to identify paths to value creation through 1) company formation (for-profit); 2) social innovation (nonprofit); or 3) intellectual property licensing.
  5. Entrepreneurship and Innovation minors will  develop and cultivate endurance. Students increase their awareness and deliberately practice the skills and disciplines necessary to increase confidence and agency; foster self-efficacy and self-advocacy; improve communication and problem-solving skills, manage strong impulses and feelings; and identify personal purpose.