Self-Guided Tour Stop C

Stop C - North Campus

North Campus includes one academic building (Durand Art Institute) and three residence halls (Cleveland Young, Deerpath, and Lois). It is also home to our Deerpath Cafe where you can get late night mozzarella sticks and milkshakes!

Durand Art Institute

Houses our Art, Philosophy, and Art History departments. It also contains two galleries, Sonnenschein and Albright, on the third floor for current students, faculty, and guest artists from Chicago to showcase their work.

Cleveland Young International Center

Dubbed "The International Center" because it is our own Living and Learning Community on campus. Cleveland-Young houses around 25-30 students who are interested in studying abroad, learning a new language or practicing one, as well as students international or domestic who are interested in a multicultural living space. Requires a separate application process.

Deerpath Residence Hall

Contains suite rooms for upperclassmen, as well as standalone doubles and singles. Deerpath suites are apartment-style, with a large lounge space with a few doubles and a single room branching off the lounge. Suites also contain their own bathroom and a kitchenette. The lobby hosts a small nighttime cafe, another art gallery, the College's newspaper, The Stentor, and a lounge for commuter students.

Lois Durand Hall

Contains doubles, triples, quads for first-year students and singles for upperclassmen students. Lois Durand is also the only residence hall that is split by gender by floor (i.e., male and female students on alternating floors).

Directions to Stop D

To continue, head back the way you came and when the sidewalk forks, head to the left. Turn right and head down the sidewalk in front of the Lillard Science Center and Stop D will be on your right.

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