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Why major in History?

Understand Human Society

As the collective memory of society, history informs us of the intense human struggles that have shaped our past and thereby enrich our understanding of the present. History also reveals a diversity of human experience that is worth pondering for its own sake. Lake Forest College history students build a strong foundation in global history and also study in depth particular historical periods from ancient to contemporary times. In many classes, students draw upon historical resources available in Chicago as well.

Great Career Opportunities

A history major offers a wide range of career choices after college, because it develops skills valued by employers in many sectors. History majors have the ability to research, comprehend and analyze evidence, and communicate clearly, both verbally and in writing. From public policy experts and lawyers, to bibliographers and architects, to teachers and web developers, our graduates find successful careers in many fields around the world.

Majoring in history at Lake Forest College

Majoring in history at Lake Forest College provides access to the wealth of culture and information in and around the city of Chicago. Students benefit from the small class sizes and hands-on research, which allows them to develop strong mentor relationships with professors and be part of the robust Forester network. Students can delve into areas of history that appeal to them, follow their passions, and graduate with a strong foundation of critical analysis, research, communication, and networking skills. 

Our liberal arts approach to education allows students to pursue a personalize path to success. Our history students have interned at organizations like the Chicago History Museum, the Field Museum of Natural History, Equality Illinois, the Evanston Art Center, the Shedd Aquarium, Lake Forest Symphony, and more. 

The history major at Lake Forest College is designed to help students merge passion and pragmatism. You bring your big dreams, and we'll help you get there. 

Bill Lowry '84

Alumnus and Trustee Bill Lowry '84 describes why he majored in History at Lake Forest College. 

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[When hiring], I look for traits in an individual which are often typified by liberal arts students. Such candidates are usually confident risk takers, analytical thinkers, creative problem solvers and generally well-rounded people, who walk the earth with a can-do attitude.

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