Privacy and the Internet (2022-2023 Lecture Series)

Privacy and the Internet

As an introduction to the Public Policy Program, Lake Forest College hosted a series of public lectures in fall 2022 to examine growing concern surrounding challenges the internet poses for individual privacy. Students will explore this same topic in a new Policy Incubator and through the first Public Policy Analysis Challenge in the spring.

This inaugural series of lectures featured leaders from government, industry, and academia who provided background and insight on current issues surrounding Privacy and the Internet

of adults read the terms and conditions.
of all U.S. adults have their picture stored in an FBI database without their knowledge.
of remote learning technologies harvested the learning, location, and personal data of students.
million children experience identity theft.

Fall Lecture Series Recordings

Professor Fred Cate spoke on legal issues regarding privacy vis‐à‐vis technology and the Internet, including the legal issues regarding the pervasiveness, legality, and...
John Nealon’s lecture illuminated the tradeoffs of treating privacy as a right versus as protecting privacy with laws. He comparedand contrastd the general state of affairs...
Rebecca Richards’ lecture framed issues regarding the legal, practical, and political trade‐offs between individual privacy and national security and the challenges of...
Alan Butler’s lecture centered on privacy issues related to consumer data collection and corporate surveillance. His lecture included a review and assessment of consumer...