Perhaps the most important thing to know about the LSAT is that law schools like it. While many undergraduate institutions (like Lake Forest) have reduced their reliance on standardized tests, the LSAT continues to be an important part of the law-school admission process. That will not change in the foreseeable future.

It is essential to take the test seriously. That means significant preparation. Many companies provide test-prep courses. Though expensive, these courses can provide useful hints and force you to devote time to preparation—and can help you evaluate your strengths and weaknesses. There are also many test-prep books and CDs available, including those from LSAC. Such materials are cheaper than classes, but you must have the self-discipline to work through them regularly and diligently—over months.

Never take the LSAT ‘cold.’ Take the LSAT having done your best to prepare and presuming this will be the only time you’ll take the test.

Basic Information about the LSAT

Collections of LSAT sample tests are on reserve in the library.  Answer sheets are also available—ask for one when you check out the test book. 

Lake Forest College does not endorse any particular test-preparation program. For informational purposes, however, there are links to various resources in the sidebar above. There is no single approach to preparing for the LSAT. If you consider a prep course, find one that will fit your particular learning style and needs.

Prepare for the LSAT

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