Career Pathways

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Follow a pathway to success.

Explore your options through our four-year Career Pathways program. You will join one or more Career Pathway communities:  Business, Finance, and Data Science,  Creative Arts and Communication,  Law and Public Service,  Science and Health Care, and  Build Your Own.

You will forge your own direction through your chosen Pathway(s) and move through four Career Milestones of personal exploration and career development. Think of them as stepping stones along your path. 

Group of students and professionals

Engage a network along the way.

As you step along your Career Pathway, you’ll make connections with people who can help you land a job or go to graduate school. Faculty, staff, alumni, employers, and trustees act as mentors for students in the Career Pathway communities. Close proximity to Chicago and a strong network of alumni and friends give our students access to a range of career opportunities few other colleges can offer. The career network will help you through the four Career Milestones.

Career Milestones

1) Learn

Learn about yourself and your career/academic options

2) Develop

Target a (few) professional pathway(s) and develop relevant skills.

3) Strengthen

Refine your professional pathway(s) and strengthen relevant skills.
  • Research potential companies, organizations, and graduate/professional schools
  • Talk to professionals at the sites you’ve identified or in your field(s) of interest
  • Identify ways you need to strengthen your skill set and pursue additional coursework, internships, job shadowing, research, or other development opportunities
  • Practice articulating your unique skills and experiences by updating your resume, preparing for interviews, and developing a brief self-introduction

4) Polish

Polish your credentials and pursue opportunities with employers and graduate/professional schools that fit your skills, interests, and values.

Ready for your next step? Explore one (or more!) of the Pathways below.

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