Pathway: Science and Health Care

There’s more to science and health care than you might imagine.

Given the rapid growth in the sciences and health care, it’s essential to understand the breadth of opportunities to choose the best options for yourself. A few examples of careers that attract students to this pathway include: scientist, health care practitioner, public health educator, hospital administrator, researcher, and psychologist. This pathway helps you to explore these opportunities and many more.

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Below are majors to start exploring in support of this pathway. Don’t be afraid to look beyond this list to develop your personal academic plan.
Affiliated Programs and Dual Degrees:

Next Steps

Start exploring and get involved. This is your place to find some next steps to take now.

Research some of the most common internship/career options related to this pathway ranging from medicine to research to business.

Investigate the trends and norms of industries or jobs.

Browse Lake Forest College’s subscription to for articles and downloadable books. Popular Vault guides for this pathway include:

Vault is best known nationally for its influential rankings, ratings, and reviews on thousands of top employers and hundreds of internship programs.

Find relevant professional associations; identify events you can attend, resources to review, and people you can meet in your target field. 

Mark your calendar for campus events of interest. Learn about campus events through this site, the Center for Chicago Programs, and other interesting off-campus sources.

Follow professional associations and interesting people on social media.

Chart your exploration and professional development activities. 

You might simply make a list of what’s interesting to you and what you might want to accomplish in a spreadsheet. It’s also wise to start your master activity list or update your resume using our resume building resources.

Get a head start on professional training and certifications with 4Med+ Online Training for pre-health students. 4Med+ provides FREE accredited online training to Lake Forest College students on topics relating to compliance, government incentives, health IT, health and safety, best communication, and business practices. Click here to request your FREE training access code. 

Utilize all of your advisors.

Your academic advisor is an essential resource, and one of many members of the Forester family committed to your success.

For students interested in health care, register for the Pre-Health Advising List and meet with a designated advisor.  See full list of advisors on the pre-health advising website.

Considering a future in engineering?  Contact the pre-engineering advisor.  There are plenty of ways beyond our partnership program to prepare for an engineering career.

In addition, your career advisor can help you with everything from considering major/career options to making action plans to get what you want. Make an appointment on Handshake or stop by Express Advising to start discussing your goals.

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