Community Service

Lake Forest College students working with local youth Our students are active service members in our local community.

Making a difference in the lives of others and contributing to your community are at the heart of personal growth and leadership development. Service to others is a cornerstone of the Lake Forest College education. The Gates Center is committed to providing numerous opportunities for Foresters to make an impact.

Lake Forest College students provide thousands of hours of service each year in communities locally, nationally and abroad. Students can find service opportunities through student organizations, fraternities and sororities, internships, and service-learning in the classroom. They also may choose to volunteer at any of our service projects or on their own through partnerships with local service agencies. 

North Chicago Community Partners Program

In a collaborative effort with Forester Athletics, the Lake Forest College Center for Chicago Programs, and North Chicago Community Partners, the Gates Center gives Foresters opportunities to build key life-skills by coordinating weekly service trips to neighboring schools, working with elementary children in after school programs, including sports clinics, arts and crafts, and academic tutoring.

Forester Day of Service

Every year, the students, staff, and faculty at Lake Forest College pitch-in for a day-long service experience. In collaboration with North Chicago Community Partners, Foresters travel to the surrounding community schools, parks, churches, and community centers to lend a helping hand.

Service Focused Student Organizations

Many Lake Forest College student organizations are committed to providing service-learning experiences for their members. Our fraternities and sororities each provide service in our local community but also through their national  philanthropies. Many student organizations offer regular opportunities to master communication and leadership skills through regular service opportunities.