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Minor in Legal Studies

No major is currently available.

Requirements for the Minor:

At least 6 credits

  • Politics 260: Introduction to Legal Studies
  • 1 of the following courses:
    • Philosophy 156: Logic and Styles of Arguments
    • Communication 253: Argumentation and Advocacy
  • at least 4 additional courses, 2 of which must be at the 300-level – the 4 courses must be from 2 or more different departments
    • American Studies 200: Topics: Law and Literature
    • Communication 250: Classical Rhetorical Tradition
    • Communication 381: History and Theory of Freedom of Expression
    • Communication 387: Rhetoric of Law
    • Economics 345: Economics and Law
    • Education 310: Equity and Social Justice in Education
    • Environmental Studies 236: Environmental Politics and Policy
    • Environmental Studies 361: Environmental Law
    • Environmental Studies 387: Who Speaks for Animals?
    • Environmental Studies 388: Who Speaks for Nature?
    • History 239: History of Education in American Society
    • History 288: Gender, Sex, and Power in U.S. History
    • History 306: Civil Rights Movement
    • History 312: Immigration in U.S. History
    • History 340: Topics in East Asian History: Law and Society in China
    • Philosophy 240: Philosophy of Law
    • Politics 243: Fake News, Free Speech and Foreign Influence in American Democracy
    • Politics 261: American Constitutional Law
    • Politics 262: Jurisprudence: Philosophy of American Law
    • Politics 265: Immigration Law and Policy
    • Politics 266: The Judiciary
    • Politics 267: Intro to Criminal Law & Procedure
    • Politics 268: Law, Medicine and Ethics
    • Politics 269: Testimony and Trials
    • Politics 270: Race and Criminal Justice
    • Politics 275: Security and Liberty
    • Politics 346: International Humanitarian Law
    • Politics 348: International Law
    • Politics 351: Justice and the Law
    • Politics 361: The First Amendment
    • Politics 363: The Fourteenth Amendment
    • Politics 365: Civil Liberties
    • Politics 369: Special Topics in Public Law: Federal Indian Law
    • Politics 482: Affirmative Action
    • Politics 484: Senior Seminar in American Politics and Law: Searches, Seizures, and Security
    • Politics 486: Global Justice
    • Psychology 430: Psychology and the Law
    • Sociology & Anthropology 240: Deviance
    • Sociology & Anthropology 290: Social Problems and Social Policy
    • Sociology & Anthropology 395: Law, Culture and Society
    • independent study on legal topics, administered through a related academic department
    • internship credit with substantive engagement with legal issues, administered through a related academic department – could include work with law enforcement, social work, juvenile justice, prosecutors or defenders, law firms, etc.

Courses with substantial legal content will qualify for legal studies credit per approval of the legal studies minor department chair.

Courses that do not qualify as legal topics, may have substantial legal content integrated into the course by agreement of the instructor and student so that it qualifies for legal studies credit per approval of the legal studies minor department chair