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Student Learning Outcomes

Learning Outcomes

The expected Student Learning Outcomes for the Biology Department are:

1. The biology major will be able to demonstrate familiarity with factual knowledge and fundamental theories relating to the three core subject areas that define the discipline: Organismal; Cell & Molecular; and Ecology & Evolution.

2. The biology major will be able to apply quantitative techniques and analyses necessary to modeling and testing hypotheses, as well as demonstrate familiarity with basic concepts in chemistry.

3. The biology major will be able to demonstrate research skills including: finding and evaluating pertinent scientific information; the formulation of scientific hypotheses; tabulating data; explaining and presenting scientific information quantitatively; and understanding and critically evaluating primary research.

4. The biology major will be proficient in communicating ideas in spoken and written form.

5. The biology major will be able to demonstrate an ability to create and contribute to the development of scientific communities through collaboration with faculty members and fellow students.