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Required courses at the 200-level or higher may count towards the major or minor in data science, mathematics and computer science only if the grade earned in the class is “C-” or better and may be taken Pass-Fail, as long as the grade originally earned in the class is “C-” or better. Required courses at the 100-level have no minimum grade requirement and may be taken Pass-Fail.

Requirements for the Major in Data Science:   

At least 10 credits, including the “core” plus one “track”

The Core (6 Courses)
  • Mathematics 110: Calculus I
  • Computer Science 112: Computer Science I
  • One course chosen from the following:
    • Mathematics 150: Introduction to Probability & Statistics
    • Economics/Business/Finance 130: Applied Statistics
    • Psychology 222: Research Methods & Statistics II
  • Mathematics 240: Introduction to Computational Mathematics
  • Mathematics 250: Introduction to Statistical Programming
  • Computer Science 250: Programming for Data Applications
Option I – The Finance and Economics Track (5 courses)
  • Economics 110: Principles of Economics
  • Finance 210: Financial Management
  • Business 230: Financial Accounting
  • Economics 330: Econometrics
  • Finance 485: Quantitative Finance (Senior Studies requirement)
Option II – The Statistics Track (5 courses)
  • Mathematics 111: Calculus II
  • Mathematics 210: Multivariable Calculus
  • Mathematics 230: Abstract and Discrete Mathematics
  • Mathematics 350: Mathematical Probability
  • Mathematics 450: Mathematical Statistics (Senior Studies requirement)
Option III – The Computer Science Track (4 courses)
  • Computer Science 212: Computer Science II
  • Computer Science 317: Data Structures and Algorithms or Computer Science 325: Artificial Intelligence
  • Computer Science 327: Introduction to Database Systems
  • Computer Science 450: Computer Vision & Machine Learning (Senior Studies requirement)

Requirements for the Minor in Data Science:

At least 6 credits

The minimum requirement for the Data Science Minor is to complete the (6) courses listed as “The Core” requirements for the major.