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African American Studies

Studying African American life locally is as important to Lake Forest College faculty and students as studying African American experiences nationally and internationally.

In addition to the traditional disciplines of literature, history, music, and politics, the African American Studies minor asks students to investigate African American experiences through the lenses of communications, economics, philosophy, and sociology/anthropology, to name a few. Students are encouraged to critically examine people, social movements, and cultural artifacts from the Harlem Renaissance to Hip Hop, from Phillis Wheatley to Barack Obama, from Their Eyes Were Watching God to The Autobiography of Malcolm X.

What our students have to say
  • “The African American Studies minor allowed me to go into a classroom and learn more about my heritage and the extraordinary works of the African and African American people including: poetry, art, literature, and music.” —Alexus Edmonds

  • “On such a culturally diverse campus, it is imperative that students are exposed to and learn about cultures that are different from their own. The African American Studies Program is the perfect way to do this.”  —Periana Wilson

  • “The African American Studies Program helped me to better understand myself and my role in society. Black culture is so rich and more people should be learning about it.”  —Periana Wilson
  • “No matter what you’re majoring in, you can better understand your field, and the world, by minoring in African American Studies.” —Julia Mikula
  • “As a history major, my courses in African American Studies have changed the way I look at American history.” —Julia Mikula

  • “Whether or not African American studies touches on the individuals life, it is important that students know a little about the history that many of us have come from.” —Natasha Reese

  • “What I loved most about being an African American Studies minor was feeling empowered by the history of my people. For example, in my Blues Women in Literature class, I felt proud to be a black woman knowing how much they contributed to American culture.” —Imani Watson

  • “My favorite part of being an African American Studies minor was that I always had a place to go where I could relate and learn about my history.”  —Natasha Reese

  • “What I love most about this program is that I feel a sense of pride and confidence when I say that I am an African American Studies minor at a small liberal arts college.” —Alexus Edmonds

  • “I am more aware of social issues as a minor in African American Studies and it has inspired me to do some more of my own research.” —Imani Watson

African American Studies allows me to have an understanding of present economic, social, and political conditions, while providing me with the tools to see the world through various lenses.
It is essential to be educated on the harsh realities of the history and current nature of this country.

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