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The Krebs Center for the Humanities was developed through in-depth discussions with the Krebs family and has begun to host events that speak to the core of what the humanities have to offer, both at a day-to-day and academic level.

Humanities in the Age of Artificial Intelligence and Automation

Zeynep TufekciIn the first major event hosted at the Krebs Center, techno-sociologist Zeynep Tufekci visited the College for a discussion with Krebs Center Executive Director Davis Schneiderman about a world rapidly adjusting to everything from ChatGPT to big data to the power of the algorithm—and how the humanities might be the key to the future.

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How an Italian Villa in Lake Forest Became a Humanities Center for College Students

This article in the Classic Chicago Magazine details the history and construction of this classic Italianate villa nestled in Lake Forest. 

the front of the Krebs Center, flanked by trees

Development begins on Krebs Center for the Humanities

With renewed focus on the broad humanist tradition that can benefit today’s students and tomorrow’s leaders, Lake Forest College has begun developing the new Krebs Center for the Humanities, naming current Krebs Provost and Dean of the Faculty Davis Schneiderman as the Center’s founding executive director.

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