Student Publications

At Lake Forest College, students can publish original work in student journals or through the newspaper,  The Stentor.

Black Rap

The student newspaper Black Rap began publication in the fall of 1968, following the assassinations of Dr. King in April and of Robert Kennedy in June and the confrontation at the Chicago Democratic Convention in August. Black Rap was launched by Lake Forest College African-American students as they responded to the threats and challenges as well as to the gains they had made in the earlier 1960s Civil Rights Movement.  The periodical was most regular in the early years and then continued into the 1980s on an occasional basis. 

In 2020, Black Rap began publishing once again with a new generation of students. 


Collage is a literary magazine which celebrates cultural diversity through written expression in all languages.  Students, faculty, staff and alumni contribute literary and artistic works to the publication, which is published each spring.


Eukaryon is an undergraduate research journal that publishes the very best of life science scholarship conducted by Lake Forest students. The journal celebrates and highlights the academic accomplishments of students achieved within the research-rich classrooms and student-centered research labs of Lake Forest College faculty. The word “Eukaryon” reflects the diversity of organisms that the faculty of the Biology Department are involved with through their scholarship.


Inter-Text is an undergraduate journal for the Social Sciences and Humanities at Lake Forest College. First published in 2018, the mission of Inter-Text is to pave connections across the humanities and social sciences at Lake Forest College.


Paedagogia is a peer-reviewed, student-run journal devoted to refereed teacher action research conducted by pre-service and current teachers. The journal provides a platform for education professionals to share ideas and collaborate on practice-based research in the pursuit of excellence in teaching and learning. The goal of Paedagogia is to encourage teacher candidates and professional educators to exercise their role as producers of knowledge in the contexts of their practice, and to advance student success by sharing their knowledge with the professional communities. Manuscripts are encouraged from education licensure candidates, teachers, administrators, and education professional at all levels, who are engaged in inquiry on pedagogical issues of interest to the education profession.


First printed in 1935, Tusitala is Lake Forest College’s premier literary magazine. Published annually during spring semester, it stands as both an outlet and showcase for the very best student and faculty poets, prose writers, photographers, and artists of nearly any variety. 


The Stentor, the College newspaper, was first published during the 1886-87 academic year and continues to serve as the students’ weekly journal of record. The newspaper covers features, news, editorials, sports, and offers a voice to the students of the College.