Student Learning Outcomes

NMAD Track Learning Outcomes and Objectives

  1. The NMAD student will demonstrate the ability to perform effective interpretations and evaluation of works of visual culture and design.

  2. The NMAD Student will demonstrate a practical command of the elements and principles of art and design. 

  3. The NMAD Student will effectively/competently use various materials and techniques in art and design.  

  4. The NMAD Student will have a strong grasp of creative problem-solving strategies and design principles.

  5. The NMAD  Student will demonstrate a mastery of materials and techniques with an advanced level of craft and completion in a work of art and design. 

  6. The NMAD Student will demonstrate the advanced ability to work with conceptually, and thematically pertinent subjects in humanistic design. 

  7. The NMAD Student will develop a coherent portfolio of work that assists student in long-term planning post-graduation.