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Semester Programs

Participating in an off-campus program (whether to study, intern, research or volunteer) can be a life-changing experience! At Lake Forest College, we understand that our students have individual learning goals, which is why we have such a robust set of approved off-campus programs! With such a variety of opportunities, it is easy to become overwhelmed.

See the tips on our ‘Selecting a Program Guide’ to help explore what programs may be a good fit for you and your goals. 

Types of Programs

Lake Forest College's approved semester off-campus programs fall into two categories: Exchange and Direct-Enroll.

Here is a quick overview of the similarities and differences between the two program types:

Similarities: Financial aid can apply, credits transfer back to Lake Forest College, and students pay their Lake Forest College tuition

Differences: Exchange programs include housing and meals benenfits, where Direct-Enroll programs may include housing but many do not include meals. Students who participate in an exchange program are eligible for a $750 airfare reimbursement award. 


  • There are certain capacity limits for some Direct programs, and some Exchange programs are more competitive than others. GEO recommends that you find at least 3 - 5 programs you are interested in.
  • Students are able to participate in two GEO semester programs, but one of the two semesters has to be on an Exchange program.

Please explore the below information for a more in-depth exploration into the differences between Exchange and Direct-Enroll.

Exchange Programs

Exchange Programs

There is a bilateral exchange of students between international institutions within the ISEP (International Student Exchange Program) network. For example, an LFC student would pay for a spot at LFC and a student at the University of Essex would pay for a spot at Essex, and then the students “trade places” while receiving equivalent benefits they paid for at their home institution.

Financial Difference

  • The cost is similar to if one were to study & live on-campus at Lake Forest College. Please review our Financials page for more in-depth financial information.

 Chance of Placement

  • Due to the bilateral exchange of students all across the ISEP network, some exchange programs are more competitive than other exchange programs. While exploring exchange programs on ISEP’s website, please pay special attention to ‘Chance of Placement’. Many popular locations such as the United Kingdom, New Zealand, and Australia are more competitive and usually have a ‘Chance of Placement’ of ‘Most Competitive’ or ‘Very Limited’. But do not be discouraged! At least a few Lake Forest College students are placed on competitive exchange programs every year.
  • When a student completes their ISEP application, they can rank up to 10 programs on the application. ISEP recommends students add at least one program with a 'Good' (or better) chance of placement to their program ranking.
Direct-Enroll Programs


There is no bilateral exchange and students directly enroll in an international institution or study abroad program.

Financial Difference

  • Some Direct-Enroll programs are comparable to the cost of studying & living on LFC's campus. A few programs are more affordable, some are more expensive – it all depends on the specific program.  Please review our Financials page for more in-depth financial information.

Chance of Placement

As long as a student is approved by GEO and meets the program's specific eligibility requirements and deadlines, the chance of placement is excellent (although never guaranteed).

Program List

The following are Lake Forest College-approved programs. Please click the down arrow for each partner program to learn more, as well as the links to the program-specific webpage (any text that shows as red text).

Only ISEP offers both Exchange and Direct-Enroll options.

International Student Exchange Program (ISEP) - Exchange & Direct

Explore 200+ exchange and direct programs through our partner, ISEP (click to explore ISEP's website)!

ISEP has programs for all majors and minors. Also, there are various internship, volunteer, and community engagement opportunities.

Top locations:

Oceania - Australia, New Zealand, Fiji
Europe - Belgium, United Kingdom, France, Netherlands, Spain, Finland, Italy, Sweden, Germany, Switzerland, Austria, Bulgaria, Estonia, Czech Republic, Hungary, Latvia, Lithuania, Malta
Asia - Japan, South Korea, China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Thailand, Vietnam, India, Indonesia, Malaysia
Africa - Ghana, Botswana, Morocco, South Africa, Senegal
South America - Argentina, Chile, Bolivia, Brazil, Ecuador, Colombia, Uruguay
Central America - Costa Rica
North America - Canada, Mexico, Puerto Rico
Middle East - United Arab Emirates, Lebanon

Tips when exploring ISEP programs:

On ISEP’s website, you can sort by ‘exchange’ or ‘direct’ under the ‘More Filters’ tab. With Exchange programs, please note the program's Chance of Placement’ . 'Chance of Placement' can range from Most Competitive to Excellent. ISEP allows you to rank ten exchange programs on your application. ISEP also has a helpful Chance of Placement Guide!

REMINDER: If you participate in an ISEP exchange program, you are eligible for a $750 airfare reimbursement award.

2nd-semester sophomores are eligible for some ISEP programs. To search for ISEP programs available for sophomores, select 'Ideal for Sophmores' under the 'More Filters' tab on the ISEP website.

American College of Greece - Direct

Study abroad with the American College of Greece (ACG)! 

Discover the historical city of Athens and the beauty of the Mediterranean while studying abroad at ACG - the oldest American-accredited College in Europe and the largest private, independent, not-for-profit, non-sectarian, co-educational academic institution in Greece. 

Located on a breathtaking hillside at the edge of Athens, an American-style, 64-acre campus offers an ideal setting to study in Greece: modern classrooms, the ACG Library, with extensive print, online and audio-visual resources, and the College’s athletic facilities, including the FIFA designed soccer field, the Olympic-sized swimming pool, indoor and outdoor courts, and fitness and exercise studios.

Students in virtually any academic major can find courses, and all classes at ACG are taught in English

2nd-semester sophomores are eligible for this program.

Freie University of Berlin European Studies Program (FU-BEST) - Direct

Study abroad with the Freie University of Berlin European Studies Program!

The program offers a menu of subject courses taught mostly in English by expert faculty, covering such topics and disciplines as cultural studies, art history, comparative literature, the European Union, German history, German and European politics, sociology/psychology, film studies, legal studies, architecture, environmental studies, transatlantic relations, business, music history, and philosophy. Mandatory course: German language course

Local field-trips are an integral component of many of the courses, and a week-long international study tour is built into the program. Past study tour locations include Paris, Budapest, Copenhagen, London, and Prague.

Opportunities for contact with German students and German society in general, for example through volunteering opportunities or a language tandem, are made available throughout the semester.

2nd-semester sophomores are eligible for this program.

Webster University (Great option for Winter Athletes) - Direct

Webster University is a U.S. university with campuses around the world and has its own international network entitled WINS (Webster International Network Schools). Lake Forest College is a member of WINS so Lake Forest College students have access to WINS programs and benefits.

Winter Athletes: Webster University programs abroad have two terms each semester, with courses being taught in Term 1 or Term 2.  Lake Forest College varsity athletes participating in a dual-season or winter sport would choose one term.

Webster University Locations:

Accra, Ghana

  • Accra offers a wide variety of General Education courses and electives in addition to core courses for majors such as Business and Management, International Relations, Media Studies, Computer Science, and Psychology.

Vienna, Austria

  • Vienna offers a wide variety of General Education courses and electives in addition to core courses for majors such as Finance, Economics, Business and Management, International Relations, Media Studies, and Psychology.

Geneva, Switzerland

  • Geneva offers a wide variety of General Education courses and electives in addition to core courses for majors such as Finance, Economics, Business and Management, International Relations, Media Studies, Computer Science, Photography, and Psychology.

Athens, Greece

  • Athens offers a wide variety of General Education courses and electives in addition to core courses for majors such as Finance, Economics, Business and Management, International Relations, Media Studies, Computer Science, Photography, and Psychology.

Leiden, Netherlands

  • Leiden offers a wide variety of General Education courses and electives in addition to core courses for majors such as Business and Management, International Relations, Media Studies, and Psychology.

Webster International Partner Location:

University of Roehampton

  • Roehampton is located in South West London, near Richmond Park, the largest public park in London, and near districts like Putney, Clapham, and Wimbledon. The campus is located about 20 minutes from Central London by train.
  • The university offers more than 50 undergraduate degree programs, so study abroad students have a wide range of academic options.

Oxford Study Abroad Program - Direct

Study abroad with the Oxford Study Abroad Programme!

The Oxford Study Abroad Programme (OSAP) places students of academic distinction at affiliated colleges of Oxford University. With privileges at four of the top-ranked colleges at Oxford- New College, Christ Church, Magdalen College and Trinity College, OSAP students and faculty have access to their libraries, clubs, societies, dining halls, and chapels as well as over six million volumes of books in libraries throughout the University of Oxford. 

Please note: Oxford has a different academic system than LFC. Oxford uses a tutorial model, in which students take a primary and a secondary tutorial. Students normally take between 14-18 tutorials between 2 subjects. Students normally study a primary course for 9 tutorials and a secondary for 5 tutorials. 

Since all education at Oxford is highly individual (the exact courses are worked out jointly by the OSAP academic advisor, the student, and the tutor) there is no Oxford Course Catalog in an American sense.  The teaching style is most often one tutor and one student, who work together to set up a meeting schedule that fits both needs.  Learning is often based on one on one discussion, and the tutor may assign a large paper each week to be discussed at the next meeting.  

Tutorials are most similar to upper-level electives at a US institution. Students are expected to have a background in the topic discussed.  

The OSAP academic advisers have found by experience that most OSAP students tend to select from five or six subjects, primarily history, English, politics (including political thought and international relations), economics, and philosophy. A few students will study psychology, physics, chemistry, math, law, geography, sociology, art history, etc. (Practical science courses, i.e., those requiring laboratory facilities, are usually available given sufficient notice, but this is not guaranteed).

Students can apply as Associate Member status, or as Visiting Member status (for an additional cost).

Learning Abroad Center - Direct

Study abroad with the University of Minnesota's Learning Abroad Center on one of their Minnesota Studies in International Development (MSID) programs! Despite the name, students do not study in or about the state of Minnesota - the MSID curriculum explores the theoretical and practical implications of international development and intercultural issues. Field experience is an integral part of all courses and an internship or research project is required in the program.

There are four themes (available at all locations): Entrepreneurship, Health, Human Rights, Sustainability

No matter the location, students take:

  • Historical & Political Context of [host country]
  • Language course 
  • International Development course [revolving around one of the above themes]
  • Internship or Research [revolving around one of the above themes]

Program Locations:

Chang Mai, Thailand

  • No language prerequisite 

Dakar, Senegal

  • Minimum 4 semesters college-level French, or equivalent proficiency

Quito, Ecuador

  • Minimum 4 semesters of college-level Spanish, or equivalent proficiency
University Studies Abroad Consortium (USAC) - Direct

Study abroad with University Studies Abroad Consortium (USAC)! USAC, a nonprofit organization since 1982, has provided students with life-changing opportunities to live and learn in countries around the globe. 

USAC offers affordable programs all across the globe! Please see the note at the bottom of this section for an important note about USAC housing. 

2nd-semester sophomores are eligible for many USAC programs.

Program Highlights (students are eligible for all programs found on USAC's website):

Reggio Emilia, Italy

  • Course offerings include Italian Language (required), Italian Studies, Health/Nutrition, Communications, and Education.  
  • Study in Reggio Emilia to learn while enjoying life in a charming mid-sized city in north-central Italy—home of one of the highest qualities of life in Italy and many say the country’s best food. With fewer than 200,000 inhabitants and an award-winning university, Reggio Emilia is a perfect location for students looking to immerse themselves in Italian culture away from crowded tourist destinations. This city of Roman origin, where the Italian tricolor flag was born, is rich in history, culture, and tradition. It also as a community has a strong commitment and interest in the outdoors which you can enjoy by riding a bike on the city’s 141 kilometers of bike paths or enjoying some of the city’s 31 parks.
  • Internships available

Florianópolis, Brazil

  • Course offerings include international business, environmental/conservation management, and Latin American studies. Students are required to enroll in a Portuguese language course. 
  • The Florianópolis program offers students the opportunity to immerse themselves in the incredibly diverse and dynamic culture of Brazil while living on a beautiful sub-tropical island and studying at one of South America's most prestigious universities.
  • Internships available

Bilbao/Getxo, Spain

  • Course offerings include International Business, Spanish Language, and Area Studies.
  • Study in Bilbao to live and learn about international business, Spanish language, and culture in a modern, cutting edge city—a banking and service center with world-class museums and art galleries, gleaming metros, futuristic music halls, and a modern airport. Located in northern Spain near the French border; Bilbao and Getxo (where most housing is located) are situated in beautiful green mountains that face the ocean, making it possible to hike in the morning and go swimming in the afternoon. Close by there are several picturesque coastal towns with great beaches that are easily accessible by public transportation.
  • Internships available

Chengdu, China

  • This program offers a high-quality educational experience with a focus on either Chinese Language or Chinese Studies. If you choose to focus on intensive language study, you may also take one or two elective courses such as Tai Chi, Chinese culture, history, or Chinese cuisine.  Students who would rather focus on Chinese Studies may select from several courses taught in English. Students choosing this second option must take the required Chinese language course and may take additional elective courses in Chinese history, literature, government and politics, culture, and society.
  • The Chengdu program is ideal for students who are interested in experiencing life in one of the most ancient, culturally fascinating, and authentic places in all of China. Chengdu is also one of the most important economic centers and transportation and communication hubs in the country.
  • Internships available

Shanghai, China

  • The Shanghai program offers an intensive language approach that allows you to complete up to one year of university foreign language coursework in only one semester.
  • You may combine courses from the following subject areas: International Business and Intensive Chinese Language. These subject areas are not exclusive of one another so you may combine courses for up to a total of 18 credits.
  • Internships available

Montevideo, Uruguay

  • Course offerings include Spanish language, Latin American studies, business, and gender studies.
  • The program is based in Montevideo, the capital of Uruguay and a port city with a massive coastal promenade where locals enjoy strolling, exercising, and socializing. Known for its vibrant, laid-back lifestyle, the host city also offers a robust music, theater, and arts scene where many performances are held at Teatro Solis, Montevideo's renowned theatre built in 1856 or at the public festivals held at parks, plazas or La Rambla. USAC chose to locate the program in Uruguay due to its safety, political, financial, and economic stability.
  • Internships available

Pau, France

  • Course offerings include French Language and French & European Studies
  • The Pau program offers an extraordinary opportunity to study the French language intensively, to take courses in other disciplines and to experience student life at a French university. Through formal coursework and personal interaction with the host culture, you will greatly expand your language skills and knowledge of French society. Pau is the perfect environment if you are looking for immersion into real traditional French culture in one of the most breathtakingly beautiful regions in France. The city is small enough to have everything within walking or biking distance; however, it is large enough to have several theatres, good movie houses, student clubs, outdoor cafés, and fantastic shops.
  • Internships available (Spring semester only)

USAC Housing Note:

When possible, USAC invoices universities/students directly for housing costs. However, there are some programs where USAC cannot invoice for the housing and in which students will be required to pay for housing on-site. Programs in which students are required to pay for housing on-site are included below. 

Australia: Gold Coast, Melbourne
Brazil: Florianópolis apartments (homestay option can be billed by USAC)
Chile: Santiago apartments (homestay option can be billed by USAC)
•England: Brighton, Bristol, London, Reading
•Israel: Haifa
Italy: Reggio Emilia, Torino, Verona, Viterbo
•Japan: Hiroshima, Nagasaki, Osaka/Kobe
Korea: Seoul (Yonsei and Kookmin), Gwangju
•Netherlands: The Hague
New Zealand: Auckland/Palmerston North/Wellington (Massey University)
•Poland: Kraków
Scotland: St. Andrews, Stirling
•South Africa: Stellenbosch
Spain: Alicante, Madrid, Bilbao/Getxo, San Sebastián, Valencia (Valencia only: housing deposit billed by USAC)
•Sweden: Vaxjo/Kalmar
Uruguay: Montevideo residence hall (homestay option can be billed by USAC)

American Institute of Foreign Study (AIFS) - Direct

Study abroad with the American Institute of Foreign Study (AIFS)! AIFS is recognized as a leading provider of study abroad programs. Since 1964, over 1.5 million students have traveled abroad with AIFS. With more than 50 years of experience, we have the resources and experience to provide what our students want and need in a study abroad program, and to safeguard their welfare around the globe. The only AIFS programs not available to Lake Forest College students are the FU-BEST program, the American College of Greece, and Universidad Nebrija since the College has direct partnerships with these programs.

Program Highlights:

San José, Costa Rica

  • Course offerings include art, architecture, business, communications, economics, environmental impact and sustainable development, health, history, internships, literature, management, marketing, photography, politics, psychology, tropical ecology, tropical marine biology, Spanish language, Spanish for health professionals, and Spanish for law enforcement
  • Optional Internship: language requirement of minimum 2 years college-level Spanish

Prague, Czech Republic

  • Course offerings include art and culture, Czech language, economics, film studies, history, literature, music, political science, psychology, sociology and theater.
  • The program begins with a required orientation program in Czech language and culture. This includes Czech language instruction, cultural activities and excursions throughout Prague to help you to adjust and make the transition to living in the Czech Republic as smooth as possible. 

Paris, France (American Business School)

  • Courses offerings include: accounting, art history, business administration, communications, economics, English, fashion and luxury retail management, finance, French language, management, marketing, mathematics, and political science
  • The program is designed primarily for those wishing to take business courses, but a wide range of general education/humanities courses are also offered each semester.

Salzburg, Austria

  • Course offerings include anthropology, art history, business, economics, German language, history, international relations, literature, music, philosophy, politics, sociology
  • Although a German language course is not mandatory, AIFS strongly recommends that students take it while studying in Salzburg so they can truly make the most of their time in Austria and fully immerse themselves in Austrian life. 

Stellenbosch, South Africa

  • Course offerings include Agriscience, Art, Biodiversity, Conservation Ecology, English Literature, Global Health, History, International Relations, Languages, Political Science, Science, Sociology and Theology.
  • Optional Service-Learning Certificate: This program is situated at the intersection between (international) education, community engagement, and sustainable development and aims to harness students’ self-reflection to engage with contemporary global issues in a local context and use the community engagement elements critically as a tool for social impact.

Florence, Italy

  • Course offerings include art, art history, communications, criminal justice, fashion, history, international business, international relations, Italian language, literature, marketing, music, philosophy, photography, religion, sociology, studio art.

Rome, Italy 

  • Course offerings include art, design and media, art history, communications, economics, engineering, fashion, food studies, gender studies, history, international business, international relations, Italian language, literature, management, marketing, political science, psychology, religion, security studies, service learning, social sciences, sociology. Great for music students!

Perth, Australia

  • Courses include: animal science, anthropology, Asian studies, Australian and indigenous studies, biochemistry, biology, business, communications, criminology, ecology, economics, ecotourism, English and creative writing, environmental sciences, events management, exercise science, film, food science and nutrition, forensic biology, games art and design, history, hospitality and tourism management, journalism, law, marine science, mathematics, media and mass communications, nursing, philosophy, photography, politics and international studies, psychology, public relations, radio, social science, sociology, sustainability, theater and dance, theology
Universidad Nebrija (Spain) - Direct

Study abroad with Universidad Nebrija! Universidad Nebrija is a private university located in Madrid, Spain. Students have the choice to study in one of the two below options:

Integrated Program with Spanish Students (PI)

Each program consists of regular degree courses taken alongside Spanish students.

  •  Students will choose courses from only one program, which will take place entirely on Madrid-Princesa, La Berzosa or Dehesa de la Villa Campus, depending on the area of study. Below are the programs available:
    • Social Sciences
      • International Relations
      • Economics and International Business
      • Business Creation, Administration, & Management
      • Law
      • Psychology
    • Communication Sciences
      • Communication
      • Marketing
      • Digital and Multimedia Design
      • Performing Arts
      • Fine Arts
    • Polytechnic School
      • Interior Design
      • Fundamentals of Architecture
      • Mechanical Engineering 
      • Industrial Technology Engineering
    • Arts & Letters
      • Primary Education
      • Early Childhood Education
      • Modern Language
  •  A minimum level of Spanish (B2) required.
  • Students in Integrated Programmes are permitted to enroll in one semester-long class of Spanish language study courtesy of the Hispanic Studies Centre.

Hispanic Studies Programme (PEH)

This program consists of Language, Conversation, Culture, and Literature courses offered at all levels, from absolute beginners to heritage native speakers. This program takes place on Princesa Campus or at the university's Joaquín María Lopez building, located at about 15 minutes walk from the main campus. No previous knowledge of Spanish is required.

University of Otago (New Zealand) - Direct

Study abroad at the University of Otago!

2nd-semester sophomores are eligible for these programs.

Otago boasts modern lecture theatres, research labs and libraries; engaged and accessible teachers who are experts in their fields; and a campus regularly voted amongst the most beautiful in the world.

Our 20,000 students make up one sixth of Dunedin’s population, creating an energy and atmosphere that you’ll only find at Otago. The town and the University campus developed together, so Dunedin is one of just a handful of places worldwide where education is the main activity of the city.

Our campus and student accommodation are located in the heart of town, and all of Dunedin’s cafés, music venues, designer boutiques and stores, museums and galleries are never more than a short walk away.

When it comes to sport, Otago takes on the best in the world. The University’s facilities are state-of-the-art and New Zealand’s only covered sports field, Forsyth Barr Stadium, is right on your doorstep for top-level rugby.

You can select from an extensive range of papers (courses). You can take papers in almost any subject offered, outside of Dentistry, Medicine, Medical Laboratory Science, Pharmacy, and Physiotherapy

  • Course offerings include (but not limited to) Business, Media, Film, and Communication, New Zealand studies, Environmental, Marine and Earth Sciences, Health, Nutrition and Biomedical Sciences, Math, Statistics, Computer Science and Information Technology, Psychology and Neuroscience, Recreation, Sport and Exercise Science, Tourism and Hospitality Management.

Watch this video to get a sense of what it's like to study at the University of Otago!

University of College Cork (Ireland) - Direct

Study abroad in Cork, Ireland at the University College Cork!

Study abroad students at UCC have the opportunity to select modules (courses) from a range of disciplines in the College of Arts, Celtic Studies and Social Sciences, the College of Science, Engineering and Food Science, the College of Business and Law and the College of Medicine and Health.

The College of Arts, Celtic Studies and Social Sciences offers modules in subjects such as Applied Psychology, Archaeology, Celtic Civilisation, Classics, English, Folklore, Geography, History, History of Art, Music, Philosophy, Religions and Global Diversity, Social Policy, Sociology, Spoken Irish and a range of modern European languages.

The College of Science, Engineering and Food Sciences offers modules in the Mathematical, Physical and Chemical Sciences; the Biological, Earth and Environmental Sciences and in ICT. Modules in many branches of engineering are offered including Civil and Environmental, Electricaland Electronic, Process and Chemical and Energy Engineering. At UCC, there is a history of 100 years of education and research in Dairy and Food Sciences, and visiting students can opt to select modules in all areas of food science. 

The College of Business and Law offers modules in Accounting, Business Information Systems, Economics, Food Business and Development, Government, Management, Marketing and Law.

Within the College of Medicine and Health, the Departments of Physiology, and Epidemiology and Public Health, welcome visiting study abroad students and offer a range of modules in their respective subjects.

A limited number of internship opportunities are also available.

DIS: Study Abroad in Scandinavia - Direct

Study abroad with DIS, in either Copenhagen (Denmark) or Stockholm (Sweden)!

DIS provides semester, academic year, and summer programs taught in English, and offers high-impact learning experiences.

Pursue your academic and personal goals abroad. Build your semester by choosing a Core Course from 26 Academic Programs in Copenhagen and 9 in Stockholm, and select from over 280 upper-level courses between the two locations – all taught in English.

Lab and research opportunities are available.

Budapest Semester of Mathematics - Direct

Study abroad with Budapest Semesters in Mathematics!

Budapest Semesters in Mathematics (BSM) provides a unique opportunity for North American undergraduates. Through this program, mathematics and computer science majors in their junior/senior years may spend a fall or spring semester in Budapest and study under the tutelage of eminent Hungarian scholar-teachers. The instructors of BSM are members of Eötvös University, the Mathematical Institute of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences, and Budapest University of Technology and Economics, the three institutions known for having educated more than half of Hungary’s highly acclaimed mathematicians. BSM classes are held at the College International, a Hungarian-based educational institution focusing on international students studying in Budapest. Most instructors have had teaching experience in North America and are familiar with the cultural differences.

  • All courses are taught in English.
  • Classes are small.
  • The school is near the center of historic Budapest.
  • Living costs are modest.
Spanish Studies Abroad - Direct

Study abroad with Spanish Studies Abroad!

Spanish Studies Abroad provides learning experiences in Spanish-speaking countries, focused primarily on North American university-level students. Students choose to study with SSA – in both English and Spanish – to develop language fluency, to experience new cultures and to obtain university credit. 

Study Abroad in Havana, Cuba

  • Spanish Studies & Integrated Studies programs available
  • Revel in the warmth of the hospitality and climate in this one-of-a-kind destination.

Study Abroad in San Juan, Puerto Rico

  • Integrated Studies & International Studies in English programs available
  • Dive into the culture and blue waters of the island’s largest city.

Study Abroad in Seville, Spain

  • Integrated Studies, Spanish Studies & International Studies in English programs available
  • Immerse yourself in Southern Spain’s culture – history, architecture, flamenco and tapas.
The Washington Center (D.C.) - Direct

Study and intern in Washington D.C. with The Washington Center (TWC)!

Academic Internship Program

Earn a full semester's worth of credit while participating in the Academic Internship Program! It’s made up of three main parts: the internship, evening course, and career readiness programming. 


  • TWC partners with over 400 internship sites in D.C. and across the country, and we work with you one-on-one to land the internship that’s right for you. 

Evening Course

  • You’ll take an academic course one night each week, and you’ll get to choose one that suits you from a wide range of options. You can pick a course that fits your major, lines up nicely with your internship or go totally out of the box and try something new.

Career Readiness Programming

  • TWC’s career readiness programming is a mix of professional development workshops, career exploration sessions, networking events and one-on-one advising designed to help you maximize your internship experience and come away with a plan for your next step. This programming will be held at different times throughout the week, so you can choose which sessions to attend based on your interests and your schedule. 

Specialty Programs

The programs below have special eligibility requirements. Contact GEO for these specific programs' applications.

Semester in Environmental Science - Direct

The Semester in Environmental Science is a 15-week fall semester at the Ecosystems Center of the Marine Biological Laboratory in Woods Hole, Massachusetts. The curriculum provides an intensive field and laboratory-based introduction to ecosystem science and the biogeochemistry of coastal forests, freshwater ponds and estuaries. research laboratory.

Watch this informative video created by SES students about all the program has to offer!

Explore the program in more detail HERE, and contact GEO for more details on how to apply.

Oak Ridge Science Semester - Direct

The Oak Ridge Science Semester (ORSS) offers a unique opportunity for undergraduates to immerse themselves in research at the Oak Ridge National Laboratory (ORNL), the nation’s largest multiprogram research laboratory.

Explore the program in more detail HERE, and contact GEO for more details.

Newberry Seminar: Research in the Humanities - Direct

Spend a semester immersed in a research community while living in Chicago. Join a group of highly passionate and motivated students and conduct your own research project at the Newberry Library, a premier humanities library.

Explore the program in more detail HERE, and contact GEO for more details.

Chicago Semester for Student Teaching - Direct

Complete your student teaching in Chicago with the Chicago Semester program!

This program is a full-time credit load and students will be billed for full-time tuition.

Contact GEO or the Education Department for more details.

Marine and Island Ecology of the Bahamas Program (Shedd) - Summer

The Shedd Aquarium hosts a 1-credit course on subtropical marine and terrestrial species and ecosystems. Discover how oceanography and water chemistry affect marine habitats and island environments. Develop identification techniques for fishes, reptiles, plants and invertebrates while gaining knowledge of field research while on board the R/V Coral Reef II in the Exuma Islands. Required pre-departure courses take place on Saturdays during the latter part of spring semester, with the field experience happening in May. You would be charged for one full LFC summer credit plus airfare and a program fee. 

Contact GEO for more details.