Embrace Diversity

With students from nearly every state and 79 countries, diversity is a reality at Lake Forest College. Embrace it. Champion it. Live it.


Lake Forest College students have experiences that develop understanding, respect, and appreciation for the diverse cultures of the community members around them. Students will be prepared to live, work, and serve, respectfully and responsibly, on campus and in the global community.  

Learning Outcomes

During their co-curricular experience at the College, Lake Forest College students will:

  • Define and understand the multiple, intersecting, and evolving aspects of their own social and cultural identities;
  • Explore, understand, and respect the different beliefs, behaviors, values, and worldviews of individuals in their community;
  • Engage in intercultural dialogue to understand communication, interpersonal, and contextual dynamics between and among cultural groups;
  • Practice respectful ways of interacting with individuals across cultural differences; and
  • Display social responsibility and ethical service to others in their community.  

Students learn to embrace diversity by:

  • Living and learning with students from all walks of life for four years. Really.
  • Writing opinion editorials for the Stentor student newspaper
  • Going to the annual Martin Luther King Day event
  • Taking a day trip into one of Chicago’s ethnic neighborhoods
  • And a whole lot more

Did you know?

During  Soup and Stories, students, faculty, and staff talk about what it’s like to be them. It’s one of the most popular events on campus that celebrates the individual as part of a diverse community.