Dean’s List

The Dean’s List recognizes students who have achieved distinguished academic records. It is compiled at the end of each academic year. Only Lake Forest College course credits are counted. To be selected for this honor, a student must have received during the year at least six graded course credits, and must have received no more than two credits with the Pass-Fail option, and must have attained a GPA during the year of at least 3.60 (without rounding up). Repeated courses will be considered in this calculation as long as they have been repeated during the academic year for which the student earned Dean’s list status, and follow the policy regarding repetition of courses. See “Repeated Courses” under “Grades and Academic Records.”

In order to reward outstanding academic performance and to provide adequate challenge to the brightest students, those who gain Dean’s List distinction are permitted to take a fifth course without additional charge during one semester of the academic year following that distinction. This policy does not apply to applied music lessons, courses offered through off campus programs, and Summer Session courses.