Graduate Outcomes

Melissa Goosman, a Psychology student, at graduation

At the time of our most recent survey, 99% of the respondents indicated that they were currently employed or in graduate school.  The majority of our graduates (58%) went on to complete an advanced degree.

Graduate School Outcomes

Doctoral-Level Outcomes

Northwestern University (PhD, cognitive)

University of Minnesota (PhD, counseling, developmental)

University of Illinois (PhD, biological psych)

University of Notre Dame (PhD, clinical psych)

George Washington University (PhD, applied social)

University of Pittsburgh (PhD, applied developmental)

University of Victoria (PhD, cognitive)

Colorado State University (PhD, industrial-organizational)

Rosalind Franklin School of Medicine & Science (PhD, clinical)

Illinois Institute of Technology (PhD, clinical, I/O)

Duke University (JD)

Marquette University (JD)

John Marshall Law School (JD)

Penn State (MD/PhD)

Master-Level Degrees

University of Chicago (MSW; MS analytics)

Brown University (MA)

Fordham University (MSW, MBA)

Johns Hopkins (MSN)

Northwestern University (MPPA, MSEd, MS)

University of Michigan (MPH, MSW)

University of Wisconsin (MSW)

Washington University St. Louis (MSW)

Indiana University (MSW)

Ohio State University (MSW, MPH)

Imperial College of London (MBA)

Tufts University (MA)

University of Illinois Chicago (MSW, MPH)

Loyola University (MSEd, MBA, MSW)

DePaul University (MSEd, MBA, MSN, MSHR)

Boston University (MSEd)

graduate degree focus: helping professions 42%, education 17%, other psychology 8%, medical 8%, law 8%, business 9%, public health/policy 3%, other 5%

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Career Outcomes

Sample of Career Destinations

Counselor, Therapist, Clinician

Social Worker, Case Manager

Program Manager, Coordinator, Developer

Teacher, Special Education, Gifted Education

School Counselor, Speech Pathologist

Researcher Scientist, Analyst, Coordinator

Physician, Nurse, Physical Therapist

Attorney, JAG Officer, Special Investigator

Operations Manager, Change Manager

HR Manager, Talent Developer

Marketing Specialist, Entrepreneur

Sample of Employment Destinations

Evanston Hospital, Mental Health Partners

Advocate Medical Center, Metro Family Services

Fordham Center, Mathematica Policy Research

Lake Bluff, Highland Park, Chicago Schools

Grayslake, Round Lake HS, Decatur Hospital

Yale, Northwestern, Fisher-Price, Abbott Labs

Children’s Hospital of IL, Shirley Ryan Ability Lab

Hewlett-Packard, US State Dept, US Air Force

Walgreens Corporate, LinkedIn, Q1 Tech

Ford Motor Co, Navistar Financial, Wunderland

PBJ Marketing, Creative Marketing, Abbvi

graph of career destinations: psych & social services 33%, business 30%, education 16%, health/medicine 9%, govt, intl, law 6%, science/tech 2, communications 2%, arts/entertainment 2%

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