Academic Values

The Lake Forest College mission statement emphasizes our belief that education ennobles the individual. The Ethics Center seeks to contribute to creating an environment in which all members can achieve this goal, by encouraging the conscientious effort, the respect, the civility and integrity, and the openness to new ideas and outlooks essential for the quest.

Thus we seek a community in which each member is dedicated to:

  • encouraging responsible citizenship, in academic and professional efforts, personal and social interactions, and with respect to the physical environment
  • striving for understanding and enlightenment from active engagement with new ideas and with people of varied backgrounds or those who hold different perspectives and opinions
  • interacting conscientiously and with mutual respect, so that each person’s honest voice is heard and faithfully considered, and conflicts are addressed in a civil, deliberative, and collaborative way
  • challenging oneself to explore varied educational opportunities, in course work, co-curricular activities, and experiences beyond the campus
  • providing mutual support in the quest for excellence, supporting opportunities for all members to develop and to apply their special talents and interests.

Academic Honesty 

Lake Forest College is committed to the highest standards of academic honesty. These standards reflect the core values of our institution and, thus, are reflected in our mission statement. The standards include integrity, respect, conscientiousness, self-discipline, and civility. Such standards are central to the process of intellectual inquiry, the development of individual character, and the maintenance of a civilized community. The integrity of academic life depends on cooperation among students, faculty, and administrators. Read the Academic Honesty policy in the College Catalog.

Research Ethics

Special challenges emerge when human subjects or animals are used in research, but concerns about integrity and conscientiousness apply in all research efforts. Read more about the principles, expectations, challenges, and controversies in the ethics of research. 

Other Resources