Information for Faculty

Faculty and staff at Lake Forest College play an integral role in encouraging students to participate in an off-campus program, and assisting them in making it a cohesive part of their overall education.

Many students have never thought about studying abroad or do not realize that they can fit a program into their plans of study. Departmental advisors and professors play a key role in promoting the idea of studying abroad to students because they often have regular, early contact with students. 

Please browse our recommendations below which you can use when advising students on off-campus programs. Also, please see the resources for advising at the bottom of the page.

Encourage First-Year Students to start planning their program.

By encouraging students early in their academic careers, they can start to plan and are more likely to have a more meaningful off-campus experience that relates to their major and does not delay graduation. 

Share your international experience and study abroad in the classroom.

Students respect you, and need role models to understand that a term off-campus can work for them.  You can mention study abroad in your classes, during individual meetings with students and at extracurricular activities in which you’re involved.  If you’ve had a personal experience of studying, researching or teaching abroad, relate the benefits to your audience.

In addition, consider being a resource for outgoing off-campus participants.  If you have expertise in a particular topic, region or language, contact the outgoing students to see if they would like to have a conversation. It will help them alleviate some worries about the unknown.

Encourage returning off-campus participants to use their experience and new perspectives in class assignments and exploring new courses.

Your classroom experience will be richer when new perspectives are brought to the table.  In addition, students will be encouraged to go abroad when they realize that their peers have had successful experiences.

Your students may have interest in certain languages, regions, or topics that they had not had before they went off-campus. Work with them to find courses or professors that can help them explore these new interests.

Request a classroom visit from the Global Engagement Office.

The Global Engagement Office staff are happy to visit your classes and meetings to make presentations about the value of a term away from campus and the opportunities available.  Presentations can be shaped to meet faculty and student needs, outlining general opportunities, study in a particular country or region, or programs with a thematic or specific disciplinary focus. 

Normally, presentations range from five to twenty minutes, but can be adjusted to meet the needs of the class schedule.  To request a presentation, email Allie Olson at