How to Find Your Advisor

Advising Plan for Pre-Health students at Lake Forest College

Students interested in a career in the health care field should arrange a meeting with a member
of the Pre-Health Advising committee as early as possible in their time at Lake Forest College.

Most post graduate health care programs have academic as well as experiential components as
part of the admission process, thus students need plans for summer or winter break that
include shadowing or other experiences in addition to internships and/or research that may be
taken for credit during the semester or in the summer.

The Pre-Health Advising committee can assist students with this academic planning as well as
provide information and opportunities for internships and other experiences.

Join HPP

If you are a current First-Year, sophomore or junior student, we strongly encourage you to join
the new Health Professions Program (HPP). Completion of HPP is designed to enhance to your
Pre-Health preparation with early exposure to the breadth of healthcare pathway options. HPP
will greatly enhance your knowledge about health care and help you understand the social
determinants of health, the value of interprofessional team work, and the ethical and
empathetical mindsets with which you as a health professional should provide patient care to
the diverse community that you will one day serve.

Pre-Health contacts for HPP: Prof. Shubhik DebBurman and Prof. Ann Maine

How to find a Pre-Health committee member for assistance?

The 2022-23 Committee Members are:
Prof. Shubhik DebBurman, Committee Chair
Kathleen Elsasser, HPP Coordinator
Khadija Manzoor, Career Advancement Center  
Prof. William Conrad (Fall), Chemistry
Prof. Andrew Gard (Spring), Math and Computer Science
Prof. Sara Jamshidi, Math and Computer Science
Prof. Ann Maine, Biology
Prof. Brian Page, (Spring) Chemistry
Prof. Vivian Ta, Psychology 
Prof. Naomi Wentworth, Psychology

1. If your academic advisor is on this committee, start with them.
2. Students pursing the following majors should contact any of the faculty members listed below for that major:

Biology: Maine
BMB: Maine
Chemistry: Conrad/Page
Computer Science/Data Science/Math:  Gard/Jamshidi
Neuroscience: Wentworth
Psychology: Ta, Wentworth
Unsure/Other: DebBurman

3. Students who are majoring in other departments or have not yet declared a major could start
with someone in their main area of interest.

MD/DO: DebBurman
Physician Assistant/Dental Medicine/Veterinary Medicine: Maine
Optometry/Pharmacy/Physical Therapy:  Conrad/Page
Nursing: Maine
Clinical Counseling/Clinical Psychology/Occupational Therapy: Ta/Wentworth
Epidemiology/Public Health/Biostatistics/Data Analytics: Gard/Jamshidi 
Unsure/Other: DebBurman

Dual-Degree Program Pathway contacts:

All RFU pathways: Maine 
DePaul and RUSH Nursing pathways: Maine
Midwestern pathways: DebBurman

4. For more details on shadowing and internships please contact: Ben Rohde,
Career Advancement Center,

5. If you are unable to contact any committee member as advised above, you should always
contact the committee chair Dr. DebBurman.