Education Studies Minor

Requirements for the Minor in Educational Studies

A minor in education studies complements any major and equips the graduate with a versatile skillset. The educational studies minor will demonstrate an understanding of educational issues related to social justice and human rights, political ideology and power structures, economics, cultural perspectives, gender issues, urban studies, and global citizenship. These perspectives enable our graduates to engage with the world around them in a way that empowers them to facilitate change. The educational studies minor will demonstrate an ability to critically analyze the purposes of education and understand how these are or are not actualized both in the United States and on a more global level.

Course Requirements (at least 6 credits):

  • Education 210: Observing the Schooling Process
  • 1 of the following courses:
    • Psychology 210:  Developmental Psychology
    • Psychology 318:  Psychology Applied to Education
  • 2 of the following courses:
    • History /Education 239: History of Education in American Society
    • Philosophy / Education 220:  Philosophy of Education
    • Sociology & Anthropology / Education 244:  Anthropology of Education
    • Education 215:  Instructional Communication Theory and Practice
  • 2 of the following courses:
    • Education 309: Immigration and Education: Race, Language, and American Schools
    • Education 310: Equity and Social Justice in Schools
    • Education 312: Integrating the Arts in the Learning Process
    • Education 314: Inclusive Learning Environments
    • Education 320: Comparative and International Education: Education as the Practice of Freedom
    • Education 344: Africa in Films: Language, Education, and Development
    • Education 346: Africa in Films: Gender, Education, and Development
    • Education 450: Special Studies in Education (including the option for an approved internship)
    • International Relations 322/Education 322: Education and Development in Developing Countries
    • Linguistics 300: Second Language Learning and Teaching
    • Politics 327: Democracy and Our Schools
    • Psychology 318: Psychology Applied to Education
    • Sociology & Anthropology 350: Sociology of Knowledge
    • Sociology & Anthropology 385: Intellectuals and Society