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Chicago Tribune, Chicago Sun Times, WGN-TV, Rolling Stone, Crain’s, Ebony; these are a few of the media giants in Chicago where our students intern and study off-campus. Our proximity to the city and comprehensive internship program are reasons why our students get jobs in journalism.

Our program integrates new media into a model of teaching journalism that includes both academic instruction and experiential learning. In the classroom, students learn about the history of journalism, develop an understanding of how journalism fits into the media industry, and discuss the necessary role of journalism in a democracy. 

The Stentor, Lake Forest College’s student newspaper, is an important voice on campus. Students involved in this co-curricular organization can earn course credit while contributing to an informed student body. 

Journalism is an area of study that is of dramatic consequence to the constitution of the public and the sustenance of democracy. Without journalism, there could be no democracy. The College combines practical courses concerning news-making with academic courses directing students toward the enduring themes in the liberal arts that journalism should never relinquish.

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