Lead the Way

Foresters love to lead, and at Lake Forest they get lots of experience with it. By the end of their four years here, students have the skills to be inspired leaders.


Co-curricular experiences at Lake Forest College help students become ennobled individuals capable of independent initiative and socially conscious service to others.

Learning Outcomes

During their co-curricular experience at the College, Lake Forest College students will:

  • Understand various forms of leadership through exposure to multiple learning techniques, theories, and models;
  • Develop, appreciate, and enhance a personal philosophy of leadership and service, integrating awareness of self, others, and community in a socially responsible way;
  • Be aware of and accept the responsibilities inherent in community membership; and
  • Seek out opportunities to gain experience through a variety of leadership roles on- and off-campus, remaining cognizant of the importance of socially conscious service to others.

Students learn to Lead the Way by:

  • Going to New Student Orientation
  • Volunteering for the annual Forester Day of Service
  • Organizing a float in the homecoming parade
  • Raising money for Relay for Life
  • And, of course, a whole lot more  

Did you know?

Students join student government and participate in volunteer organizations to gain leadership and community experience.