Nursing Course

  • COLL 105:  Nursing Professional Development

Pre-Nursing Courses

  • BIOL 120: Organismal Biology with Lab
  • BIOL 208/HPPC208: Human Anatomy with Lab
  • HPPC 210: Microbiology with Lab OR BIOL 323: Microbiology with Lab
  • HPPC 209: Human Physiology with lab OR BIOL 340: Animal Physiology with Lab
  • CHEM 115 and 116: Chemistry I & II with Lab
  • MATH 150: Intro to Probability and Statistics OR ECON/BUSN130: Applied Statistics OR PSYC 221: Research Methods and Statistics

Health Professions Program Courses

NOTE: Students must be part of the Health Professions Program to participate in the Nursing Pathways Program. Click here for more information.

  • HPPC 180: Introduction to Health Professions
  • HPPC 181: Community, Culture, and Health
  • Four courses in the natural and social sciences, math, and computer science
  • Two Health Professions Program SHIP (Science and Health from an Interdisciplinary Perspective) Courses
    • 1 Credit in Cultural and Social Determinants of Health AND
      1 Credit in Artistic and Intellectual Responses to Health and Disease

  • Health Professions Program Keystone Project

Forester Fundamental Curriculum