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Placement Information

Modern Languages and Literatures: Recommended courses and placement exams 


If you plan to study Chinese, consult with Professor Ying Wu regarding which course to take. 

French and Spanish

For students who have had language courses in the past, we ask that you take a placement assessment. Don’t worry! The placement exam will not be part of any grade, but it helps place you in the right level language course. Your score will be e-mailed to you and will be available to the Modern Languages and Literatures Department. You can access it here.

If you have not had prior coursework in the language, register for FREN 110 or SPAN 111. If you are a heritage speaker of Spanish, register for SPAN 313.

Students transferring AP credit: With an exam score of 3, you may start at 210 in the fall; a score of 4 may start at 212 in the spring, or FREN 220 in the fall (or potentially 300 level French or Spanish in the fall with permission of instructor); with a score of 5, you should register for a 300-level course.

Questions? Email the Modern Languages and Literatures Department Chair, Professor Gizella Meneses or your first-year studies advisor.