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Tuition and Fees

Full-Time Student

Full-time per academic year
Tuition and Fees 2019 - 2020
(3 - 4.5 credits per semester)

Semester Year
Tuition $23,840 $47,680
Activity fee $155 $310
Health Center fee $117 $234
Recreation and Fitness fee $100 $200
Subtotal $24,212



On-Campus Resident Charges    

Standard Room Rate*



Board (all meal plans)

$2,768 $5,536
Subtotal $5,338 $10,676
Total Tuition and Charges $29,550 $59,100
On Campus Meal Plans 
Meal Plan Charges & Flex Dollars Semester (Meal) Year (Meal) Semester (Flex)
All Access Plan $2,768 $5,536 $215
15 Meal Plan $2,768 $5,536 $530
10 Meal Plan $2,768 $5,536 $980
Commuter Meal Plans
Meal Plan                                                            Total Cost (Semester)
50 Meal Block Plan               $436
25 Meal Block Plan               $225
 Differential Room Charges
Blackstone, Harlan, Lois, Roberts, McClure, and Gregory 
Semester Year
Doubles, Triples, and Quads - Standard room* $2,570 $5,140
Super Doubles (Roberts, McClure, & Gregory only) $3,185 $6,370
Singles $3,085 $6,170
Stairwells Singles (Roberts, McClure, and Gregory only) $3,045 $6,090
Cleveland-Young, Deerpath, and Nollen                         
Doubles and Triples $2,890 $5,780
Singles $3,160 $6,320
Super Suite Doubles (Deerpath only) $3,785 $7,570
Super Suite Singles (Deerpath only) $4,055 $8,110
Moore Halls                                                                                                            
Doubles  $3,160 $6,320
Adjoined Doubles $3,425 $6,850
Suites $3,785 $7,570
Other Tuition Charges

Part-time per academic year
(1 - 2 credits per semester)
Tuition Per Course (exam credit included)                        

Auditor Tuition Per Course $400
Course Overload Tuition (for more than 4 1/2 credits)  
Per half-course credit $2,980
Per quarter-course credit $1,490
Community Education  
Tuition per course $5,960
Degree Candidacy Pending Student  
Tuition per course $3,300
Billing deposit   $200
Dual High School Enrollment $3,300
Master of Arts in Teaching  
Tuition per course $3,628
Post Graduate Teaching Option  
Tuition per course $3,628
Masters of Liberal Studies  
Tuition per course $2,700
Billing deposit


Student Health Insurance (mandatory unless waiver is completed and accepted by August 15, 2019)  
Full year (12 months)


Second semester only (Jan - Aug: Spring semester students only)  $1,070
Orientation Fee $200
Senior Dues $100
Music Lessons (per hour) $58
  • Description of Fees

    A $500 deposit is required of all new students. Of this amount, $200 will be refundable only after the student withdraws or graduates from the College, net any outstanding debts owed to the College. $300 will be applied toward the student’s account. If the student does not enroll in courses, the $500 is forfeited.
    Course Overload Charge

    Students who are registered for an on-campus course load in excess of 4.5 credits in a given semester will be charged for the additional credits or fractions of credits.

    Students enrolled in Music 107, 108, 109, and 110 will be exempt from the quarter credit overload charge, if approved by the Music Department.

    Students who received Dean’s List distinction at Lake Forest College during the previous year may take one extra course during the following year without charge, subject to certain limitations. 

    Activity Fee
    The College collects an activity fee of $155 per semester assessed by student government for its use. All resident and nonresident undergraduate students are charged the activity fee, which is mandatory and nonrefundable.
    Health Center Fee
    On-campus health services are provided for all resident and nonresident undergraduate students in a degree program, excluding Degree Candidacy Pending students. The $117 per semester fee is mandatory and nonrefundable.
    Recreation and Fitness Fee
    The Recreation Fee is a mandatory, nonrefundable fee of $100 per semester that is charged to all Lake Forest College students.


    Financial Policies

    Normal Course Load

    A normal, full-time course load for undergraduate students is four courses, but any combination of courses ranging from 3 to 4.5 credits is regarded as full-time and the regular full-time tuition applies. There are no refunds for course load changes within this range of credits. Any reduction below three credits must be approved by the Office of Student Affairs.

    Undergraduate students registering for fewer than three credits per term with the permission of the Office of Student Affairs will be charged at the per-course rate. The per-course rate will also apply for special students who are not degree candidates or whose degree candidacy is pending for fewer than three credits. 

    Interest charges, late fees, and collection costs

    Accounts not paid in full by the due date will be assessed a late fee of $100.00. The College reserves the right to cancel the registration for students whose accounts are not paid in full or on time. All payment arrangements will be subject to a payment plan fee.

    Delinquent accounts will be assessed a late fee each month of $25.00. Unpaid balances may be turned over to a collection agency and subject to collection costs of up to 30% as permitted by law. 

    Click here for more information regarding our financial policies.