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Course Descriptions

Journalism Courses

JOUR 120: Introduction to Journalism

Introduction to Journalism presents students with the skills and information that are essential for reliable, accurate, and independent news reporting. This course addresses the fundamental skills associated with journalistic writing, and presents students with the essential issues facing journalism today. In addition to writing, this course addresses the laws, ethics, and fundamentals of news literacy, with a keen focus on the critical thinking skills required for news judgment. (Under the old GEC, this course meets the Humanities requirement.)

JOUR 200: Journalism Practicum: The Stentor

This practicum gives students an opportunity to earn Lake Forest College credit by working for the campus newspaper: The Stentor. Students who enroll in this course will work for the Stentor as editors, reporters, or columnists (or other jobs suggested by the Stentor advisor). The course will be graded on a P/F basis only. Students will qualify for credit in this course if they complete 40 hours of work per semester. JOUR 200 counts for .25 credits per semester of enrollment. The course is overseen by the faculty advisor for The Stentor, who will arrange for grade/credit assignments in consultation with the chair of the Communication Department. Only one full credit (four semesters of JOUR 200) may be counted toward Lake Forest College graduation. No prerequisites.

JOUR 275: Reporting and Translating News

(Reporting and Translating News in French.) This course explores the elements of effective communication of news in French, and will include the study of traditional media (articles, reviews, reports, and interviews), as well as newer media (blogs, vlogs, etc.). Students learn to distinguish elements of journalistic style and perspective by studying a variety of news (and fake news) sources, and learn to convey information to a particular audience in French through structured, oral and written presentation of information and argument. Additionally, students engage in the practice of translating news reports and reviews from various disciplines including the sciences, business, the arts, and international politics. Specific translation strategies help students to advance their proficiency in understanding written and spoken French while developing specialized vocabulary and additional knowledge of francophone cultural contexts. Students enhance their skills at oral communication in French through discussion, interviewing, and presentation of researched information. Prerequisite: FREN212 or equivalent or appropriate placement exam result. (Under the Forester Fundamental Curriculum, this course meets the Humanities and Writing requirements.)
cross listed: FREN 275

JOUR 320: Advanced Journalism

Though we have recently seen dramatic changes in how news consumers receive their news, what has not changed is the need for solid reporting and writing skills. This course gives students the opportunity to learn the intricacies of specific types of journalistic writing, including news, feature, sport, investigative/in-depth, opinion and review writing. Advanced Journalism also introduces students to techniques relating to journalistic style and editing. Using the fundamentals taught in Introduction to Journalism (Communication 120), students in Advanced Journalism write stories and opinion pieces to be used in the editorial production of student media at Lake Forest College. Prerequisite: JOUR 120 or COMM 120. (Under the old GEC, this course meets the Humanities requirement.)