Student Learning Outcomes

Learning Outcomes

The expected Student Learning Outcomes for the Philosophy Department are:

1. Philosophy majors will be able to express themselves effectively and conscientiously, with rigor and fairness, in spoken and written forms that seek and promote respectful and fruitful dialogue on substantive and controversial issues.

2. Philosophy majors will be able to demonstrate perseverance and success in comprehending difficult texts and following the main lines of argument, including a basic understanding of logic and the ability to make sense of a number of diverse methodologies associated with philosophical positions.

3. Philosophy majors will be able to demonstrate familiarity with important periods in the history of philosophy, including important thinkers from the Eastern and Western traditions and a recognition of the ways different cultures have engaged in philosophical pursuits which then inform students’ reflections on, e.g., what really exists, the nature of the human condition, concepts of social justice and the responsibilities of global citizenship, and the rational, emotional, and aesthetic dimensions of human existence.

4. Philosophy majors will develop a degree of expertise on specific philosophical themes of particular interest to them that demonstrate a real excitement, insight, and love for philosophical texts and debate.

5. Philosophy majors will be able to engage in creative philosophical efforts that assess and build on a body of foundational knowledge and ultimately develop their own insights and arguments.