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Nursing Pathways Program

The Nursing Pathways Program builds a strong foundation for the future of Nursing. Our joint partnerships with DePaul University and Rush University give students early exposure to the field, grants access to top-tier mentors and educators and provides a comprehensive education to help students thrive in their future nursing career.

Your Degree. Your Paths.

Our MSN degree pathways are intentionally designed with the flexibility of your educational journey in mind. It will allow you to gain the core education necessary to excel in the field of nursing, while also giving you the opportunity to explore your interests in other academic areas. You can choose to pursue your passions in English, Business, Music, or any other major and still be on track for a career in nursing. 

DePaul University School of Nursing (4-2 BA-MSN Dual Degree Program)

The 4+2 pathway gives students the flexibility to explore various academic areas at Lake Forest and then declare their major by their second year. Students will then transition to DePaul University to complete their Master’s Entry to Nursing Practice.

Prerequisites can be found here.

Rush University College of Nursing (4-2 BA-MSN Dual Degree Program)

This 4+2 pathway allows students to enter Rush’s Clinical Nurse Leader program and is designed for Generalist Entry Master’s (GEM) students who already have a bachelor’s degree in another field, and want to pursue a career in nursing. Prerequisites can be found here

Not sure nursing is for you? Rush University Medical Center offers a “Shadow A Nurse” program, where you can shadow a nurse or a nurse practitioner.  Currently, the only requirement is to attend the Rush University College of Nursing information session offered every second Wednesday of each month.  Click here to learn more.

Our Liberal Arts Advantage Meets an MSN Degree

The value of a Master of Science in Nursing is proven through the skills students gain to help them lead our health care system to the future. 

Our Nursing Pathways Program uses the foundational liberal arts curriculum provided at the College and:

  • Allows students to explore ANY MAJOR they are passionate about while still obtaining an MSN
  • Helps students become persuasive communicators, analytic thinkers, and cutting-edge problem solvers.
  • Lays a firm foundation for students aspiring to become nurse educators, administrators, health care executives, or leaders in their department.
  • Provides further pathways to advanced clinical experiences that support a career as a Master’s Prepared Nurse.
Denise Majeski
We believe that having a strong foundation in liberal arts helps round out the professional clinical nurse. The skills gained from a liberal arts degree help nurses partner with patients on their wellness journey while forming strong relationships with them and the interprofessional care team, and that is one of the most important parts of being a nurse.

On top of a liberal arts education, a master's degree in nursing allows you to develop a higher level of critical thinking beyond the basics you learn from a bachelor’s in nursing. At the MSN level, you learn to appreciate the person as a whole. You not only understand the body, but the focus on the humanities integrates the mind, body, and soul to ensure you have the knowledge to provide a higher level of care at the bedside. The master’s degree prepares you for the leadership needed to drive the plan of care and organizational objectives.
Denise Majeski MSN, RN, ACM,NE-BC
VP Operations/Bernthal Chief Nurse Executive
Northwestern Medicine Lake Forest Hospital

Meet our Nursing Alumni

Jessica Dudley

Jessica Dudley '14

University of Illinois Chicago

Daniela Garcia

Daniela Garcia '16

University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

Marisol Careon

Marisol Carreon '18

DePaul University

Amanda Brunges '18

Amanda Brunges '18

Rush University

Carlos Becerra-Meneses

Carlos Becerra-Meneses '10

MSN, Depaul University
Psychiatric Mental Health DNP Studies, Rush University

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