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Office of Student Affairs

Combining traditional student affairs responsibilities with academic concerns, the Office of Student Affairs is an important resource for all Lake Forest College students.

The Office of Student Affairs includes the Dean of Students office, as well as Community Standards, the Health and Wellness Center (Counseling Services and Health Services), Intercultural Relations, Gates Center for Leadership and Personal Growth, Residence Life, and Public Safety.

Under the leadership of Andrea Conner, Vice President of Student Affairs and Dean of Students, the Office of Student Affairs also helps to familiarize students with the academic support services at the College and administers the community standards and student conduct system. We’re a good place to come with questions when you don’t know who to ask. If we don’t have the answers, we generally know who does.


Student Affairs at Lake Forest College is committed to supporting and providing an exceptional, transformative learning experience for students. We subscribe to an integrated and inclusive perspective, affirming that what students learn outside the classroom is equally important as that which they learn inside the classroom.


Student Affairs supports the academic mission of the College and fosters a safe, secure and transformative co-curricular experience wherein students develop holistically. In order to achieve our vision, we focus on:

  • creating opportunities for students to reflect upon what they’ve learned and experienced;
  • teaching students skills that are necessary for them to succeed in their post-college lives;
  • educating the whole student;
  • providing opportunities for students to engage with each other and the College;
  • encouraging students to engage in intercultural interactions and dialogue;
  • preparing our students to become positive, contributing members of their communities; and
  • empowering our students to become healthy, responsible, ethical people.

Dean of Students


Rosemary House
South Campus

Office Hours

8:30 a.m.–5 p.m.