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Student Research

Students in Latin American and Latinx Studies have been engaged in a number of interesting projects, including those presented here.

Senior Research Projects Spring 2012:

Miguelangel Gonzalez, ’12, Special Period and Cultural Transformation in Cuba
Peter Lyford, ’12, U.S. - Colombian Relations: From 1820 to the Present
Claire Perrott, ’12, NAFTA’s Impact on Mexican Farmers and Families
Michelle Svelti, ’12, The Immigration Policy: Historical Analysis and Policy Prescriptions

Completed Theses:

Gaulke, Amanda
“Hispanic immigration and U.S. policy: Separating myth from fact.”

 Islam, Rahsaan
“Creative capitalism: Harnessing global capital markets and social ventures to enhance international development.”

 Zapryanova, Mariyana
“United States immigration policy: Past, present, and future.”

Braden, Kim
“On the Road to a Better Costa Rica: CAFTA-DR and its Social and Economic Impacts.”

Fernando, Nelka
“The economic impact of day laborers on local communities: an analysis of the Belmont Milwaukee day labor corner.”

Nicholas, Patrick
“El supermercadomuygrande: The economic impact of Wal-Mart in the United States and Mexico.” 

Shaler, Laney
“Borders are porous: an analysis of trade blocs and border policy responses.”

Knowling, Mackenzie L.
“The winners and losers of NAFTA: A closer look at Mexico and the United States.”

Andy Eisen
Economic Ramifications of the Maquiladora Industry.”

Castiglia, Kimberly M.
“Hispanics in the United States: A struggle to maintain status in the labor force.”

Kara Ellerby
“Child Prostitution in Latin America.”

Katie Lackey
“Images of Eva Perón.”

Myer, Arden M.
“Dirty economics: A historical analysis of Argentina’s incurable crisis.”

Independent Study Projects:

Jen Hoyer, ’04, Sleepy Lagoon (working title for novella about the Zoot Suit riots in Los Angeles)
Lizmarie Davila, (active military duty) Feminist Writers in Puerto Rico